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Hello!  Has anyone ever had success reducing gas with digestive plant enzymes?  I've never had any results from the pharmacy gas pills, and I'm trying the plant enzymes from "Now".  I am tentatively saying they're helping, but have only been experimenting for about a week, so nothing conclusive yet. 

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@New577 posted:

I think it’s very individualized. I think gasx works for me, but on the days I have alot of stinky gas, I question whether they are actually working.

I keep taking them with the thought that it cannot hurt, other than cost.

The gasX made my guts feel bad.  I think it was upper GI, like stomach irritation, but I can't remember what exactly the bad feeling was because it was a while ago and I didn't write it down.

I take Emzymedica Digest Gold plus ATPro as my digestive emzyme.  I works really well for me. I take right before eating (especially when eating something I know might cause gas like vegetables) and it keeps the gas from getting out of control.  I used to take Beano, which was hit or miss to stop gas before it starts.

Downside is that it is on the expensive side. I purchase from Amazon.

I take it with meals I know cause me issues like fruits and vegetables. (I use there Lacto formula for when I eat ice cream or other dairy I shouldn't be eating anyway I really like it because 1 pill will work instead of taking 3 or more as I did with Beano.  There are other  Emzymedica products that might work fine for you that are a bit cheaper.  I just like this one the best.

Beano and other brands of alpha galactosidase are a single enzyme and have a *very* specific effect on the chemical in beans and cruciferous vegetables that makes them gassy. If that’s what’s causing your gas then Beano can be very helpful. If your gas is from anything else (e.g. SIBO) then Beano will have no effect at all.

I googled and there is no overlap between the ingredients in my "NOW" brand plant enzymes product and beano.  My Now plant enzymes seem to reduce gas/improve digestion, but the effect is pretty mild.  I only eat them when I have some sort of protein, which is usually from beans or nuts.  And I always have veggies with my protein.  So it might be interesting to combine the Now plant enzymes with the Beano (or cheaper Equate Gas and Bloating Prevention) and see what happens. Guess I'll stop by Wal-Mart today! 

I have had my S pouch for 22 yrs, other than 2 bowel obstructions in the last 4 yrs — due to getting dehydrated and poor food choices, have had pretty good luck. The bowel obstructions were cleared with gastrograffin fairly quickly. About 2 months ago I was treated with cephalexin for 10 days for a sinus infection. About 3 weeks after that I started having issues with nausea, and feeling bloated. It wasn’t constant and would come and go. I went to ER to make sure it wasn’t another obstruction, it wasn’t, they said it was a UTI and gave me zofran for nausea and more cephalexin. They also gave me a shot of morphine. When I got home, I could feel my intestinal tract start gurgling, passing gas, felt much better. Took the antibx for a couple days and continued to have these nausea/bloating feelings on and off. Quit the antibx, I don’t have a UTI — had them before, didn’t feel like this. Did some research on this site and elsewhere, and wondered if I had issues with bacterial overgrowth, lactose, etc. bought some Lactaid, Beano, and a probiotic. Started the Lactaid 1st… helped!! I could pass the gas, stools were more normal. Have since added the other 2, and I am having more good days than, nauseous/bloated-feeling days. I have an apptmt to see a colo-rectal surgeon this week in Omaha, the 2 surgeons and GI MD from 22 yrs ago are retired or deceased. Do you think I am on the right track with the lactose or bacterial overgrowth thing? I am being extra careful with what I eat and using Ensure to get my protein for now. I am a retired pharmacist and I have a sister that’s a dietitian, so we have been trying to figure this out. Thanks in advance.

If Lactaid clearly helps then lactose is clearly a problem (though not necessarily the only one). Lactose intolerance is very common.

Brand-name Beano contains mannitol, which is a sugar alcohol like sorbitol. I don’t think there’s enough to trouble most people, but perhaps some folks are extremely sensitive to sugar alcohols, and some get very nervous about them.

before a full meal I use to drink 8 ounces of this detox sunnies#7; and another 8ter ounce in mid - awake objectives that helped with gurgling and gas toots!

I like to be active and standing up, workout to help with exerting the gas? Drinking that sunnies crap is sometimes PUHH! it's not very tasting?

I don't really trust any meds or over counter at the CVS an walmart stores crap either .. its just makes me feel nausea's. there is another tea/herb named glove or something like that? looked it up! helps with gut calming like a precursor of CBD equivalent.     

be well. have a better one.   

That's interesting!  I've never had sickness from probiotics, but usually I just eat them in fermented foods like miso, saurkraut and yogurt.  I have noticed that some of the hemp-derived THC (Delta-9) products are great for slowing down gut motility.  I take a small amount before bed and that keeps me asleep and I don't have to poo at night.  The dose must be very small or it wakes me up and I feel all stoned and buzzy.  Blah.  I ordered some bentonite powder online and am going to try it next week when it arrives!  @b.bits Does it make you poo right after you take it?  I'm wondering what time of day I should take it.  They say take it on an empty stomach and wait 2 hours before taking supplements.  You said you took it before a meal.  I take supplements with my meal so I can't take it right before the meal.  I thought maybe I'd take it before bed along with some psyllium powder.  Do you think that would work?

I drink when I first wake take 20 min or so then my pouch starts to fill up but only go about 2-3 times after I drink it. I been drinking a lot of liquids like dairy and yogurt and make smoothies mix with fine protein like peanutbutters. Foods for me is norm when I'm not disturbing distress like with emotional probs? All the stress causes me to have gas and poo problems and that Sunnie 7 detox is the only solution till I get my stress level down.

And Sarah! I totally know what your meaning on thc because I been using that as well. I do the edibles and vape along with cbd. Thc, I think, because I'm dealing with stress makes my guts worse when before or after eating something?

An hey!! Have you done the edibles? It's soooo much fun 👽

Yes, edibles can be fun, of course!  I think it's good to combine the CBD & THC because they're really supposed to go together.  It's weird to separate them all out but that's what we're left with when our state government is dumb and disallows use of marijuanna and only allows this tortured chemically-intense THC & byproducts from hemp.  The hemp-derived products are weird and processed and I am not sure about their level of toxicity, though I do use them. 

For stress I take Lemon Balm tincture and an herbal formula called "Decompress" by Herbalogic.  I wonder if these would help with your stress/anxiety?

Oh yes. I have to cross the Illinois/Indiana border just to get olis or even CBD. I hate all politics lol.

I experiment with a few psychedelic therapies to cope with anxiety as well. I need to try that lemon stuff. But it's the over helliming thought of being busted or fired from work because of it and it sucks because I'm doing all this on my own time and property - not anywhere else or work!

"Decompress" and "Lemon Balm" are both herbal formulas that won't get you in any drug testing trouble.  Does anyone really test or bust people for psychedelics?  I mean, do the cops care about that?  I thought they were more interested in the hard street drugs. And I thought CBD oil was legal everywhere.  But I am wrong.  The internet says, "Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota are the only states where marijuana-derived CBD is illegal."  And you know it's the internet so it must be right.

My work place once threatened to do random drug testing, but I think they dropped it because I have never heard anyone being subjected to it. 

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