I wanted to share an interesting observation. I was dx with osteoporosis a couple of months ago. I did some investigation and found the "Save Your Bones Diet." This is basically an 80% alkaline/20% acidic diet, since alkaline foods keep the calcium in your bones and acidic ones draw it out. Once I started eating like this, I noticed right away that the skin around my stoma became very clear with no irritation, even when my output went under the ring. I would assume that this would apply to rectal skin for j-pouchers, too. It's not so hard to follow the diet since nothing is forbidden, just proportioned. Maybe acidic foods are like acid to the skin and basic ones are less irritating?? Since I'm following the diet anyway, it's a really nice unexpected benefit for me! If you're interested, you can look up "alkaline foods" or "save your bones diet."

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Hi Lamb,

Thanks for the info...I am very interested in the diet...Seems that aging is a 'thing' right now and everyone around me is breaking bones right and left...so I am looking for solutions to keep my muscles/bones/ligaments strong and I haven't found any (been gulping collagen, B complex, an assortment of vitamins and minerals etc but nothing is really helping with the fragility)...

I will check it out.

How are you doing?


Eh, been having pain after I eat and still have chronic migraine. I'm avoiding calling my GI because he's the one who ordered my bone density test and I'm sure he'll give me grief for choosing not to take the osteoporosis meds. It's a full-time job staying on top of all of this and I know you can relate, Sharon!

I am also considering not taking anymore meds. For my Osteopinia.  I'll also be checking out the diet as well.  I've had Osteopinia for several years.  My mom had osteoporosis, I believe.  Fortunately she never broke a bone until she was in her 90's and it was her wrist.

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