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I am never on here these days but wow it is nice to see the site design more modern


Anyway, I am in Vegas, Miami, Ohio, Chicago, NYC.. basically a travel freak lately for my business and doing it with a smile. I finally buckled down and went on a Ketogenic Diet after Cleveland Clinic and Bo Shen kept telling me to do it (high fat diet). Not only is it great for your muscle mass and figure but I haven't been on antibiotics or VSL, inflammation reducers, etc. 


My breaking point was months back I had surgery on my arm and got put on 2 heavy antibiotics then got c.diff again and went on vanco. After all that calmed down my GI said that I should be fine since there is no bacteria in the gut and handed me VSL to take for inflammation. I also had a lot of red blood coming out of my stoma so the valve was inflamed and irritated. I was ordered to have my pouch scoped in 2 weeks to figure out what was up with the pockets of gas and what felt like popcorn going off in my pouch all the time (gas explosions) and tons of pain if I did not get better by then. I did not feel like having any more scopes done so I changed stuff up quickly.


So I went Keto (watch my macros) and my pouch runs like a well oil machine. I cut out all carbs and follow the diet to a key. Went back to Muay Thai, tons of energy. Less sleep and no pouch issues at all. I haven't formed gas in months. So carbs are the enemy and fat is good. I guess the doctors at Cleveland Clinic aren't idiots after all lol

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I can, I can also give you links to Facebook groups and some sites that are legit about it and not to confusing. Bo Shen pushes high fat diets due to bacteria not being able to form in the gut on them. Carbs and sugar grows SIBO and I was suffering from SIBO.


I eat

22 carbs a day (that includes coffee, veggies, no fruit due to sugar)

90-100 grams of protein a day (depending on how much weightlifting I do)

174 Grams of fat a day (Ghee, Heavy cream that has no carbs, bacon lard for cooking, Organic Butter or Coconut Oil)

2 grams of sugar a day but I stay under 10grams 


I switched up my coffee latte to a Breve (made with cream) I use heavy cream that has no carbs vs half and half that has a few carbs and milk has tons. 

Or I get an Americano and add some cream if I want to reduce the carb intake more since Starbucks sometimes uses half and half.


I could never tolerate eggs before, always made gas worse but now I can eat them so for the Morning I make a 2-3 egg scramble with 2 tblsp of heavy cream, chopped up italian parsley, small tsp of garlic with ghee or bacon lard. I mix in 1oz soft goat cheese or parmesan cheese.


Snack I eat 2 stalks of celery or cucumber slices with Fage (has to be full fat greek yogurt, low carbs and low sugar) with blue cheese crumbles to make a dipping sauce. Or 10 almonds.


lunch a 4oz bunless burger with bacon and cheese. 



6oz Salmon in brown butter and 2 cups of zucchini sprial spaghetti (so easy to digest) cooked with tsp of garlic and onions diced up. 


I use morton lite salt in my water for electrolytes and potassium to prevent cramping. I had so many issues with cramping and everyone said coconut water and gatorade. Well it is all carbs and sugar so I now just add the lite salt to water and those vanished. I upped my Magnesium as well and cut cramping out. 


I sometimes have issues with getting fat in vs protein so I started to make keto bombs.


But it is literally life changing. I Was doing paleo but was not getting the desired results. I think to much sweet potato and other items on paleo didn't get me to where I needed to be. 


Oh and my face looks amazing and all my acne cleared up that I had. I use my fitness pal so if you ever want to add me there I use the same user name and post what I eat. 


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Vanessa, your story sounds like mine!  The gas pains and frequency made me crazy. I went on a course of Flagyl to get rid of pouchitis and at that time I started Keto in May. Things have been so much better.  Recently, I felt a case of Pouchitis  coming on so I did a two week course of Flagyl. I feel it hasn't completely cleared up.  My doctor has no idea what I am doing, the last we talked, before Keto he was talking me trying Humera. I'm not on board with that.
I kinda doing know what to do to get my insides to settle down but it IS much better than before Keto.
I have a limited amount of time before I do the unthinkable.
Remove it.
So I am trying things before I do.
Diet is gonna be one of them and I have to see a nutritionist to do that.
A strict diet.  Which I have not tried.
I am hoping by changing my diet so I can gain weight along with other things to be able to keep it.
I will mention this diet.
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i understand and empathize with your situation.  i am 9 days away from finding out if the k pouch will be an option, and if not then in the same boat.......  


for the past half year the lowFODMAP diet made a big difference for me.  i have heard others have greatly benefitted from it.  the only study done on it shows it isn't effective, but how compliant were the few participants?  it is lots of starches and meat/fish and only some types of carbs.  at first i gained weight on it.  not the easiest diest with which to comply if you eat out a lot.  i no longer do. 


keep us posted on what the dietitan says.  i'd like to know.  and keep us posted on how you are coping.  do you ever meditate?  hang in there.  best, jlh


I had a scope under sedation a few months ago, the Gi said that the anal canal is too tight from scar/fibrotic tissue (also polyps)  and the pouch emptying is a mechanical problem ( had pouch advancement for cuffitis) When the surgeon removed the polyps under GA he said that it was just spasms and rather than stricturing? He subsequently did botox. I think the SIBO is causing the fat malabsorption to be much worse and hence causing alot gas/emptying problems. I am going to try this keto diet as one last attempt to avoid getting surgery. I have tried FODMAP, Paleo etc but not with much success. Did you have any problems with fat malabsorption? Do you take any fermented dairy? Or pickled products like sauerkraut? 

Thanks again for sharing, 




forgot to mention that the most critical food is refined sugar and then shell fish.  both cause bleeding and incontinence.  they cause inflammation, but not all j pouchers with pouchitis respond the same.  you may have previously mentioned, so sorry if i don't recall, but have you tried going off sugar?  i can eat certain fruits and veggies.  shell fish is a strange one, but same reaction.


as for vanessavy's diet i think it is important to clarify whether she has a j pouch or a variation of the k pouch.  big difference with pouchitis problems, with the latter being far less.  yes??



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