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just wondering if anyone out there has had good luck with diet and what supplements you are taking. back on track with taking D3 (sunshine in a bottle. I also have MS), vit B12, iron,a multi vit, ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid, for the MS), and occasionally vit c.

I also make my own raw milk yogurt and make smoothies. (we live on a dairy farm) and drink lots of raw milk.

Are seeds (strawberry, raspberry)and popcorn hulls problematic in the pouch? I love all three dearly. backed off of popcorn because i thought maybe the hulls could be problem of infection in pouch.

Also in times of high stress, i crave crave CRAVE salt. So much so that i pour it into my hand and it eat it from there. Sounds crazy. Others crave sugar, i crave salt. Have read on i-net could be a result of adrenal fatigue caused by stress.

any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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hey kat,

I recently hopped onto the health train three weeks ago. I've had my pouch for over 6 years but the whole time I smoked, drank way to much soda pop, ate tons of junk food, tons of processed foods, lots of candy, hardly and fruit, it was bad. Then I got pouchitis or something last november, since then my pouch was always killing me, I was going to the bathroom 12+ times a day, leakage at night, it was bad. The doctor's looked at my ct scan and said I might have crohns now, so I decided to get my life together, and do everything I can to keep my pouch happy for life.

To start I quit smoking three weeks ago, never looked back, don't drink soda pop/sugary drinks anymore, I drink 10+ big glasses of water a day. I'm eating a lot more fruit now, mostly bananas cause of the potasium and they slow things down for my pouch. I don't eat candy or junk food, I make a healthy snack myself now. I cut out milk, but still eat cheese and yogurt. I also take aloe vera juice after a meal, a probiotic, multi-v, fish omega 3 oil, calcium supp, and I feel great! I haven't actually felt this good since before I got UC like 7 years ago. I just hope it stays this way as I slowly taper off the prednisone.

I also get the salt cravings, which are normal for jpouchers since we need all the sodium we can get! I don't think you need to worry about seeds or popcorn, at all. Maybe if your pouch/bowel was full of deep active ulcers then seeds might not be the best thing, but even just with inflammation, I don't think they cause a problem, since I eat seeds all the time and have been fine.
Are seeds (strawberry, raspberry)and popcorn hulls problematic in the pouch?
I can't imagine strawberry or raspberry seeds ever being problematic. And I eat huge amounts of popcorn. It seems that most people have no problems with popcorn. Popcorn hulls wouldn't cause an infection. But start small and see how it goes for you.

Regarding salt - when I had a loop ileo I had that craving. I didn't eat salt from my hand but I put salt on everything, in huge amounts. It turned out that was my mechanism for dehydration. Maybe that's what's going on with you. But just to make sure you should ask your doctor about it.

kathy Big Grin
I don't restrict anything in my diet unless I am in an active bout of pouchitis, since roughage can be an irritant when you are inflamed. With the damaged colon out, not a general worry any longer. Back in my UC days, I avoided nuts and popcorn for 20+ years! But, in general, I am a big believer in eating a wide variety of whole, fresh foods, with lots of fruits and vegetables in particular.

I agree with Kathy, that if you are having serious salt cravings, you are probably dehydrated, and not in a minor way. This is something to mention to your doctor, as this can run amok quickly.

As far as supplements go. What I take is based on my blood tests and medical need. I take vitamin D (for known deficiency), calcium (post menopausal), and probiotics due to recurrent pouchitis/cuffitis. I do not take any fiber supplements, but do take a bowel slower, Imodium.

Jan Smiler
For supplements, I currently take iron, a B complex (recommended by the dietician post surgery), calcium with magnesium and D3 (recommended by my doctor), and a multivitamin. I also take probiotics.

I don't really restrict my diet, but instead try to eat a wide variety of foods, though I do watch how much raw veg I eat, and I can't have coffee. Like vanessavy, I definitely do have more of a sweet tooth since having my colon out. I don't know if this is coincidence, or if there is some way our bodies process sugar differenty with and without a colon.

As for seeds, you really shouldn't have a problem. Typically people who need to avoid small seeds are prone diverticulitis--which you wouldn't be because you don't have your colon. Smiler Anyway, I eat raspberries and blackberries all the time. The only drawback I've noticed is a slight purple tinge if I've eaten too many. Smiler
thanks everyone. didn't know if the popcorn hulls would adhere to the inside of pouch causing irritation/infection.

as far as the salt cravings go, not sure it is a dehydration thing as i'm alsways drinking water. carry a 24oz bottle with me everywhere. go in next wed to GP and will ask then.

SUBSKY -- why did you cut milk out of yor diet?? just curious.
the little booklet i received from surgeon at time of surgery listed different foods and the speed in which they digest. fruits and vegies being closer to the top of the list. So i have kind of limited the amounts of fruits/veg that i eat. feel somewhat malnourished because of this. so i should add more in then? the little booklet helped w/some questions but added more and raised some more fears. (mind you, both of my surgeries were in 2006 and have felt somewhat "alone" in this process. Cut you open, take it out, cut you loose. lol) The GU doc i started with no longer works in the practice, had someone else. Not sure i'm comfortable w/them. The surgeon? Surgeons want to do what they do best. cut you open. Sorry laast part more o rant.. BUt anyone else feel the same way??
My surgeon advises his patients to eat whatever they want, there are no taboo foods. So, that's what I did and have done ever since. If you are trying foods for the first time, try eating a small amount and see how it affects you. Like Kathy and Jan, I eat everything...and copious amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables, daily.

Sue Big Grin
My GI put me on a Low Residue/Low Fiber Diet. Do I follow it all? No, not really. I have a sweet tooth too. Salt, is something I also use a lot of.

Foods that I have to avoide are raw vegtables and raw fruit except watermelon. Bananas I cannot eat either because then my gut feels like I swallowed a cannon ball.

I also take Potassium pills because of my blood test show I am very low on that and Electrolytes. I drink Powerade Zero which has zero calories and has Potassium and Electrolytes. I was drinking Gatorade but that even hurt my gut and does have calories.

I do not drink soda unless I am nauseous which I am right now. Beer, never because that also feels like a dead weight in my stomach. I like Red Wine and that does not bother me at all.

I love pasta and many Italian dishes (I am Italian). But I cannot have any milk products at all with the exception of grated cheese. So I cannot have ice cream, dishes like Stuffed Shells, Pizza and so forth.

When I have a craving for Pizza, I will ususally remove half of the cheese off of it, but only when I am feeling better, not with Pouchitis or things like that. I have Rice Milk and that comes and they have Rice Dream Ice Cream.

I suppose I could do better with my diet, but cookies are a huge craving. Again, I only buy them if they do not contain any milk or whey prodcuts and get them at the health food store.

I have never been on diets and I consider it is not effective like taking somes pills for losing weight. The best way is to have a well-balanced food, do sport, drink lots of water and get a good sleep. As for supplements I take the vitamins E and Ca. E is for your skin and hair and CA is for your bones. Good Luck!

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