I am so sick of my  limited diet.  I can't have dairy, I can't have gluten, fresh veggies and fruit as well as nuts bother me, I can't have anything to drink but flat water.  I enjoyed wine until recently, now when I have a glass or 2, I have incontinence in the night while sleeping, that's on top of getting up every 2 hours to the bathroom (which is normal for me, yay!).  WTF, I'm just so so sick of it all.

Sorry for the rant but jeez, enough is enough!


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Rant, scream, yell, kick (soft stuff)...We are here...we are here (direct quote from Horton hears a who)...And we are listening.

You are allowed to hate it...it is not fair. And we get a truckload of unfair in our lives. 

Make a list of the stuff that you can eat, add the things that you can sometimes eat or eat differently (like raw vs cooked or blended vs whole)...and see what sounds and looks good to you that way...

I know it isn't what you want to hear we have to be magicians with so little...I have learned to eat a limited diet in order to live happily...I don't like it (haven't had a good pizza in years) but I can eat whole grain pasta with a bit of parma...

I find different ways to get around things, make most of my own food (I am allergic to sulfites so anything canned or prepared is potentially dangerous) so I am learning to be creative...can't have wine anymore (anaphylaxis) so I drink grape juice mixed with bubbly water and pretend to be like others. 

It is a game for me now...hubby has learned to accept a wife that chews and spits food out (can't swallow anything with fiber like pineapple or leeks or watermelon)...sometimes it works and sometimes I curse life like a trucker. 

My heart goes out to you. 


Thanks for listening and responding Sharon.  I'm just having a bad day and it does feel good to have a safe place to vent.  I will definitely use your suggestions and keep on keepin on!  Just F-ing sucks!!! ( Had to! LOL)



Do you have a submersion blender? The handheld thing that you just put into the pot or bowl...fast and easy and barely any cleanup.

I am making my winter soups right now, I sautée using olive oil some onions, celery, carrots, herbs (cilantro & parsley), garlic if you wish, then add a potato or 2 and a few zucchinis. (sometimes I add an overripe tomato and a tsp of sugar to offset the acidity) You can throw a few marrow bones or soup bones into it for a healthier broth or just add water and a bouillon cube instead of salt.

Let cook until all of the vegetables are soft, remove the bones and blend.

Makes for a really satisfying, healthy soup that is both pouch-friendly and winter-friendly...add more potatoes for a thicker, more satisfying soup, more zucchini for a liquidiser one...play with the recipe by changing out veggies according to your own taste and then sprinkle it with some parmesan cheese for flavor or some curry spices.

I am really enjoying it right now, I make 2 or 3 pots/week.


I have the same problem.  I cannot get the gas out unless I bend over the toilet and force it out.  I cannot pass gas like a normal person if I were to pass gas laying in bed, standing up or walking because poop will come out.  This sucks because I have bowel movement on a good day 10 t0 12 times in a 24 hour period.


Rocco C

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