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had my take down 1 1/2 years ago and doing great.  Just having figured out what i should eat and what I should not.  I love my morning coffee (1 cup only), and know that causes issues, but don't want to give it up.  Stress causes my to go the bathroom a lot more. But what about food?

I am 67 years old and was very very sick with UC for about 6 ms. bnefore they removed my entire colon.


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I've had a kpouch for 37ys and have found that diet varies according to season, exhaustion, health issues (flu, gastro, colds...), outside temperatures and my stress level. 

I eat according to season and find that fresh, ripe, seasonal foods digest better than unripened fruits and veggies. 

I like a hand blender to help me to deal with too much fiber and love soups and stews when I am in the mood for something rich and satisfying. 

I do not have a 'diet' but a lifestyle choice. 

I digest things better if I do not mix them up too much (I mostly eat my proteins with each other (fish & cheese, meats with meats...But bread and pasta together or just rice and sauce plus I only eat my fruits on their own and not after meals)..My veggies are either raw or steamed to mush.

I eat for my mood, my pain or my energy needs...your body adapts slowly but does adapt. No food is off limits as such, just needs to be tried and tested in small quantities over periods of time...don't neglect the seasons. I can eat ripe mangos but not green ones, they kill me...same with strawberries and melons.

I also purée tons of veggies and add some cream or cheese and bake them into an Au gratin dish....(broccoli, squash, green beans...)

So have some fun with your food, keep a journal and look for hints and correlations.

By the way, I drink about 10cups of coffee/ pouch loves it.


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