Did surgery help with Joint Pain from UC???

Hey guys. I got a friend who is struggling with joint pain really bad. He's had UC for 20 years, but the joint pain just kicked in recently and he is in a lot of pain. He's considering getting his colon removed. Did anybody on this site have joint pain with their UC? Did surgery eliminate that or do you still struggle? Thanks!
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My understanding is that if is just the peripheral variety that follows the disease course, colectomy will help. But, if it is the spondyltitis type, involving the sacroiliac joints and hips, it probably won't make a difference.

My enteropthic arhtritis did not rally bloom until nearly a decade after my colectomy surgery.

So, the short answer is, it depends.

Jan Smiler
I developed joint pain around the same time I was diagnosed with UC 24 years ago, was diagnosed with arthritis soon after. . During my J pouch surgeries I still had severe joint pain. It will be 3 years this October since my takedown and i still suffer from it. I had all my siurgeries at Cleveland Clinic and I am going to see Dr. Bunyard there in two weeks he is a rheumatologist. Everyone is different but my pain never went away after my surgeries.
I was thinking about my joint pain a few days ago. I haven't noticed any hip or knee pain since my Jpouch creation. I still have ankle pain but I attribute that more to skating injuries. So my answer is yes.

However, would I go through with this procedure just to avoid joint pain? No way!

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