I have 1 implant in a mollar.
They had to do a scan to check the bone density and thickness to make sure it was sufficient for the implant (I was bare off by a milimeter but they did it anyway). The implant was placed in the space where the tooth had been missing for years so they didn't have to let it heal first. He did it in 3 parts. 1st the drilling and implanting of the titanium pivot then a couple of weeks later they added a temp tooth for 6 months until it was healed and stable. Once stable the screwed on the new tooth. They warn you that it could still reject the tooth but its still in place 2yrs later far so good.
It is rather friend's hubby did it at cost for me but I still spent 700 on the pivot and 900 on the tooth and dental work. Yes, he is a dental surgeon.
I don't know what the cost is where you are but around here they run 2400-3000€ a pop.
Supposedly they last a lifetime.
Hope that this helps and good luck.
I have 5, not done all at once. It is a long procedure, first remove the bad tooth have to wait a few months till that heals if its upper they have to take bone from below and also use cadaver bone then put a screw in so the implant will screw on. It takes a total of about 14 months maybe less maybe more.
They put me to sleep each time and it really didn't hurt much after or when it was healing.
Yes it is very expensive,but worth it.

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