I finally hit my limit with my UC the other day. It's been 15 long years. For the majority of this year I've had countless issues with bathroom accidents. I have to wear depends non stop, I'm a prisoner to my home due to needing to be near a bathroom. I feel fine sadly, I just had a bathroom accident the other day and something just clicked that it's enough, it's time to do something about it. I'm out of medications, my GI can no longer help me. I've been with him the entire time I've had this disease. I've already had bowel surgery removing he left side of my colon. I know I'm at high risk for pouchitis according to the PANCA test. I can't imagine things can be much worse than what I'm going through now. There are a lot of "what ifs" until the surgeon gets a look at my insides. I meet with him next Friday the 11th for the 3rd time and to schedule the procedure. Praying things go well.

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He did my sisters J Pouch 22 years ago and she had an amazing outcome. He's an amazing surgeon. My current nurse at my GI's office used to be his OR nurse and she said that guy is a magician in the OR. I've met with him twice already and have complete confidence in him

You sound so much like me!  I finally knew when enough was enough!  I've had my wonderful J-pouch since 2002 and have never looked back!  I decided to keep my temporary ileostomy for an entire year because I finally felt so great and could eat and drink everything.....plus......I was in control!  Having the ileostomy takedown was a breeze for me because I was well healed from the proctocolectomy.  I've had very few issues with my J-pouch.  A few bouts of pouchitis which responded to antibiotics.  Oh......I'm 75 years old so age made no difference in my case!  Best wishes!

My surgery is scheduled for October 14th. He explained the risk that I might not be able to have a pouch due to my previous surgery. He's not sure what condition my insides are until he gets in there. He went over all the usual risks with surgery in the pelvic area...impotence, ejaculation issues, bleeding, infection and a few more on the list. I'm prepared to accept a bag as a permanent option if it comes to that. I can't keep living how I am at this point.

You will be so happy with your decision.  I did not fight it as long as you did because mine got out of control and it was emergency surgery, but it is so great to not feel sick.  The bag is not great, but much better than feeling sick.  I know you will do fine, good luck!

I agree that you will feel so much better, even if you have the bag. You'll get used to it quickly, and it's so much better than being sick! I was so sick before I had surgery, and while I'm really happy with my j-pouch, I was fine with the bag too. I feel so much better.  Best wishes!

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