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Had to push myself through work today because my company has zero substitute teachers currently employed.

I got home with a disgustingly innocuous harassment from HR about absences and reminders that it's important to take care of my health.

FFS, I'm on top of everything I can be. Doesn't help anyone if I exhaust myself today and have to take even more days off. In the past year, a gastroenteritis flare took me out for 3 weeks, then another gut/anxiety/depression/burnout took me out of work for 5 weeks.

They're looking to sack people right now. This kind of thing is exactly what puts you in their sights.

Working with my union now to get the company off my back. Not taking their BS anymore.

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Hello, Griffn. Its good you have a union behind you. What are the laws there about dismissing an employee who has made their illness known (even if you never tell them exactly what it is, for privacy issues), and the laws about dismissing someone who is on sick leave?  Try not to get stressed at work. That will only make you unfocused and not able to perform your job, which is a reason for them. Don't vent to your colleagues because that can come back to bite you if the company is looking at cutting back. During work hours be calm and focused. Remember that intestines do not like stress. It ties them up in "knots", like a heavy ball in your stomach. Food and nourishment just sits there. Think about yourself, not about them. You can't control what they do, only what you do.

Hey, Winterberry. Thanks for the reply.

I'm pretty much doing as you've suggested. It's the only way through. Today was just especially tough.

The laws are, honestly, vague. The big stresser is the company will continually send reminders. If they want to dismiss or not renew my contract, I have to follow up with legal action. That costs a lot of time and money, and the climate of labor vs employer here isn't terribly favorable. The screws have tightened a lot the past year. It's ridiculous.

I really appreciate the encouragement. Good to know I'm not alone here. Had to vent that steam.

I have a union that backs me as well.  Not a public union as I suspect you are in.  But the company cannot do squat to me because of the problems.  In fact they used to work with me.  I counted bathroom trips one day.  Came up with 40.

Thats no lie.  And I still did my work.. So they knew what was going on. 

Whenever I take off time I take fmla or disability time off. 

Nothing that you can do but follow the rules put down by them and the union.  My job is protected. . I would get the union to back you. Your work.  Company.  School is not. 

Our company is looking to unload people too.  But they have alot of red tape to go through. 


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