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Hello all,

So I’m in uni, which is stressful, as I’m sure most of you know. My main problem with stress is how crazy my bowels go. It’s nothing insane but they go from 3-4 x a day to 6-8 x day. The urgency isn’t too crazy and if I eat right the consistently can remain ideal. But sometimes the cramping is strong and I’ve been gaining weight and really don’t want to loose it. Plus dehydration and all that but I do a good job at maintaining that well, my pee is light yellow or almost transparent.

I’m not fond of bowel slowers, but is there anything else recommended? Also, does anyone else feel like when they have crazy BM it’s all they can think about!? I swear it makes the situation worse haha.

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My solution for cramping is levsin, which does a good job of stopping everything for a while.
though I take Imodium 3x/daily, I see it’s value as slowing things down long enough to have less caustic/acidic BMs .

when I experience IPS ( I am former IBS sufferer), one levsin under the tongue works in about 5-10 minutes and I get relief.

BTW, I average 6 BMs per day, so my feeling is 6-8 is not excessive, but 3-4 per day is impressive to me.

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