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Hey guys,

After 9 years of drugs for pouchitis, the list includes Stellera, Humira, Prednisone, Tinizadole, cipro, Xifaxan and flagyl. Nothing works anymore for my j pouch.

I live in NC and we are about 9 months away from legal medical marijuana. I cannot wait that long.
I am going to drive 4 hours to DC where dispensaries are legal.
This is the last resort before going to a bag.

Can anyone private message me that is familiar with an oil/gummy or a store that specializes in the correct anti-inflammatory?

I am sorry if this breaks rules, but I am just done with the bathroom.

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If you're new to cannabis you should start with a low dose like 2.5mg. CBD is the anti-inflammatory, I take 50mg of CBD oil in pill form. My last scope is the first time there was no inflammation and my GI and Cannabis Dr both think the CBD is the thing that is working.

I also use THC pills or vape to help me eat and sleep. THC also helps me "not need to go".

The biggest thing to remember is start at a low dose and work up to something that works for you. If you're CBD oil has to much THC you may find it problematic if you don't like the THC effect, this is just something to watch out for. CBD and THC are not equal in any regards.

Find a shop that is willing to talk to you and tell them what you are looking for.

Good luck from Canada where it's legal everywhere.

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