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Hello everyone, so I was able to get my reversal two days ahead of schedule due to a cancellation. I felt just fine after surgery, but then things started to get wired. Pain at first which was somewhat controlled. Then these gas stomach spasms that just don’t stop. I stopped eating and drinking because I have. I appetite and don’t want to make the pain worse.

Every time I get a pain, I usually go to the bathroom and release which makes me feel better. Sometimes lots of gas comes out as well, which I feel is great. Still, it’s so discomforting. I am glad things are moving through, but how long should I expect these pains. I can’t sleep very well because of them, any advise? I am scheduled to be discharged in the AM from the hospital, but I really don’t know if it’s a good idea. Please send me any advice. 


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They shouldn't discharge you if your not eating and not having movements.  It is hard to eat to start with..  for around a month I had to force every mouthful. 

The pain you feel probally is just gas which is savage with a pouch, and of course worse when your sore post op  You probally gulped a lot of air while you weren't eating.

You need to eat (little and regular) and walk as much as possible.   If you have any concerns make sure you discuss them all with your doc before your discharged... 

Yes, listen to Bobish.  Walk walk walk.  It is the best way to help shift the gas.  Do  laps around the floor.  You do need to eat and drink so you can be released in good condition, and be sure your pouch is fully functional.  You do not have to eat off the hospital menu, I called the kitchen every day and they sent me the simple bland foods I could tolerate - farina, yogurt, how about a peanut butter sandwich?  

When I had my takedown, I never had a lot of gas.  I did do laps around the hallway.  Partly out of boredom and because I knew it helped.  Definitely eat and drink, even small amounts.  My problem was I became nauseous  and vomited the  night before I was to go home.  I took in a little at a time and kept it bland and was released later that day.  Since then, I’ve never had a problem eating.  To be honest, I do get gas, but no real gas pains.  

I agree with Bobish, you are most likely have gas pain. It is alot worse for people with a pouch than people with a colon. Walk walk walk. It helps everything get through your system. As you heal, and your new system matures, the gas become less and alot less painful. It seems different gas releaving product work on everyone differently. Beano seems to work the best for me. I use it to prevent gas. You will have to try different products. Everything gets better with time. 

Hi, in Seattle.  After my takedown I was okay until the second day. Then developed gas pains that felt like a brick was being dragged through my small intestines. Nothing would shift the pain, no medication can solve it because you just have to expel it. It's in there and has to come out. In its own time. I know it hurts to walk when your gut is suffering. But try, try, to walk even if you are hunched over a chair and pushing it in front of you for support. My gas pains were so bad, lasting 18 hours, the nurses made hot, plain black tea for me to drink, saying it would soothe my stomach. I know it kept me hydrated.  It's somehow more painful than the big surgery because there is no morphine for gas pain. The thing to remember is -- it WILL pass, and every day you will feel better, bit by bit. The gas is a sign that your gut is waking up and starting the process toward normalcy. My first meal was an egg salad sandwich (no celery!!) on white bread that I requested from the kitchen, and it tasted heavenly, full of protein and easy for my new pouch to digest. I hope you feel better by now.

Hello All,

Thank you all for the advise. I have been home for one night now. Sleep is in and out, but I will take three hours when I am given it. Eating still dose not sounds good to me. I had a ensure for breakfast and have a bagel with melted cheese. I can’t eat much because I feel like I will not be able to hold it down. Still, I am craving food, so I am assuming that is a good sign. 

Gas wise it is much better than when I was in the hospital. My stomach still turns at times, but my body is getting use to it. I keep breaking out in sweats which is annoying. I have been trying to walk a lot more and just get comfortable. My wound hurts a lot more today. I noticed some discharge and just changed my dressing. Still, taking pain meds that has helped with that and just trying to lay down get comfortable and still. I can’t wait to start eating regular food, and heading back to as normal as I can. This group has been very helpful getting me there. 


I am over on year post op and I am still having major issues with gas. I agree that there is no medication that helps much with gas, only medications that help pass it (Simethicone aka Gas-x does not stop gas, it breaks up gas bubbles to make it pass easier). Beano only works for what it is intended for, beans and cruciferous vegetables. The only way to relieve the pain is to pass the gas and avoid gas causing foods like sugar and carbohydrates. I have been dealing with SEVERE gas problems/pains for over a year now. Also most pain meds slow down the gut and could actually be making problems worse for you. I relieve gas by laying flat on my tummy or all fours. That is the only way I can pass gas. Also, if i got a lot of painful rumbling/spasms it almost always means I have to go, even if it feels like I don't or if I just emptied. Things will get better, fried foods and anything thats hard to digest cause me problems and I avoid them. 

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