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It has been years since I have been here because things have been going well for me.  I had a j pouch created in 2002 by Jeff Milsom and my GI was Ellen Scheryl.  My daughter is living in Salt Lake City and is experiencing bloody stools can anyone recommend a doctor in Utah?

I'm going to try to get her into see Dr. Scheryl over Thanksgiving and she recommended entyvio as first-line therapy for her.  Does anyone have any experience with this drug>



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I don't know anyone in Salt Lake City - sorry.  I am on Entyvio and it is working well for me. The inflammation I had in the small intestine has reduced. (Shows we are all different and respond to different treatment in different ways.)

I've only used Entyvio as a j poucher, not when I had UC, but a friend of ours is using it with Crohn's and having good results so far.

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