Had j-pouch procedure in March 2016.   Curious to know what your "normal" amount of BM's are for daytime and night time. 

Have had a hard time figuring my numbers out due to some inflammation issues at times and recently being diagnosed with Chrohn's. 

Been doing acupuncture and has helped tremendously with symptoms and just recently started Stelera. 

Trying to get a better idea of what my goal should be.  A realistic one. 


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The healthiest, best-functioning pouches usually produce 4-6 BMs per day, and generally let people sleep through the night. I don’t know if I’d call it a “goal,” though, but it can take some thoughtful effort to find your way there. 

I agree with Scott, I usually make it through the night but not always. My best suggestion is don't eat or drink later than a good couple hours before bed and make sure you have a good long sit before bed.

Good luck

I used to stop eating hours before bed, but would wake up hungry and still need to use the bathroom. So I tried to eat a small piece of plain white bread with a bite of cheese (not the highly processed orangey kind, but a good hard Cheddar or Swiss) and it helped to absorb and solidify and keep hunger pangs at bay. Very small pieces; not a meal that could start your digestive system going. The little bit of carb with a protein helped with sleep. I always slept on layers of towels so that anxiety wouldn't wake me, either. Experiment and time will help you figure out what works for you. My takedown was mid 2016 and I average seven times, and rarely at night now. 

I go much more frequently than the 4-6 and it isn't an issue for me. Everytime I sit down to pee (woman), I usually empty the pouch too. I was told by a Cleveland Clinic surgeon that it's very normal for women 'my age'. I do get up once, often twice per night. Again, it just feels normal for me. I think we all find our normal. (But then I find I can get concerned if I'm going more frequently  and I equally concerned if it's less...crazy!)

The advice about sleeping through the night has been written here a bunch of times. Find the search function (on my browser it looks like a tiny magnifying glass next to the “DONATIONS” tab up top) and poke around. If you search for “peanut butter” that will pick up many of the older posts. If you still have questions after reading what’s already been written, ask away.

Winterberry, I think the cheese works because of the fat content. Nothing slows down the stomach like a little grease.

I’m 2.5 years post takedown and I guess my numbers are higher. I go about 10 -12 times during the day and on a good night I only get up 2x during the night. On a bad night I’ll get up 4-5 times. I’m on Cipro now for a small case of pouchitis and cuffitis. I think this is as good as it will get for me. 

I should mention I’m an otherwise healthy 40 year old female. 

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