I have not been without cuffitus since first diagnosed yrs. ago. Canasa prescribed b/c doc says the inflammation is right at opening and using other meds would have to go throughout my body. Never been diagnosed with annual fisher but my issues is right in the opening. Painful at times with not having a bowel movement and at times hurts so bad can't hardly stand to have bowel movement. Seems even if stool thicker it pushes to the upper right hand corner to come out which seems to not open up fully causing pain. Don't know if I have same that ones with colon can also have. Doc did mention one time. Can't think of the name. Can occur from going back/forth type consistency of stool or certain foods. Any suggestions? Also does anyone use something besides canasa for cuffitus? Also think inserting it causes irritation. There are sometimes I don't even try using thinking too painful already before inserting.

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Hi, I am sorry to read your story and can relate to what your experiencing. I have a very similar story but am undiagnosed and currently trying to get to the bottom of it. Can I please ask what your symptoms are and how you were diagnosed? 

Thanks in advance.


I’m not completely familiar with cuffitis, but I’ve used Canasa for pouchitis before and it is very effective without systemic side effects.  I agree you need to take care of your butt so that you can use the suppository!  I can help you with caring for the anal fissure that may be making it hard to go to the bathroom and use the medicine.

I recommend a warm sitz bath to relax the anus twice a day (more if you want).  There are a few things you can apply after to protect and allow to heal.  I like A&D for everyday butt maintenance.  It sounds like you may need something stronger, they make a preparation H for pain and you can use that even though it doesn’t say for fissures, it’s safe to use and helps with pain.  Not to be gross, but,.. you can apply a small amount to the tip of a finger and push the medicated ointments inside a little.  Also, using Balneol when wiping - it’s expensive but it helps and you need to the moisturizer. You can use witch hazel tucks pads for wiping - it stings, but witch hazel helps with healing - use this for routine maintenance.  Also, I recommend using a small amount of lubricant on the tip of the suppository when inserting.


treat the fissure: sitz bath, A&D or prep H pain, balneol

prevent fissures: A&D, witch hazel tucks

I hope that helps! :-)

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