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After 4 years with awesome pouch performance, before 2 years i got a very hardly cuffitis. The only med that´s works is the CIPROfloxacin. But the physician says that i am not allowed to use in long term.

I also tried VSL#3, without a real succes. Flagyl, doesnt work very well and very difficult to tolerate it.

The CANASA / SALOFALK suppositories doesnt work. 

I would like to know if somebody is trying another treatment. I just not believe that a very small part could do this son unconfortable.

I am on vedolizumab 5 months already, and i not really see a real improvement yet.

Is very disappointing for me to handle with this issue. Sometimes i feel very anxious. 


Many thanks, i apologyze for my english, i am writing from argentina.


Have a very nice day!





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Hi, Leancam. I’m not sure why your doctor thinks that Cipro can’t be used long term. There are some risks, and the dose should be as low as possible, but long-term Cipro use can be a good choice. I’ve been on Cipro for about 11 years.

Cipro is more often used for pouchitis than cuffitis, but what’s more important is that it works for you. Other antibiotics that could be tried are rifaximin, Augmentin, and tindamax. It’s best if you can find several that work, and change between them every few weeks.

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