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Hi everyone.  Has anyone ever experienced the intense pain that feels like your bottom is on fire and every bowel movement feels like your passing glass?  I have cuffitis and pouchitis from radiation treatment.   My hemoglobin is very low and I have to get iron infusions because I bleed so much.  Any suggestions on how to combat the pain?  It's debilitating...there are times when I can't get off the bathroom floor because the pain is so intense.

I got my j pouch in 1998 and never had an issue until my cancer treatment..

Thanks for any advice...

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I’m sorry you’re going through this. Passing glass is how the pain from anal fissures is often described. I think you need your doctor to help figure out whether the pain is from an anal fissure or from cuffitis, and aggressively treat one or both of those things. You don’t say what your current treatments are, but anal fissures are often treated with nifedipine or nitroglycerin ointment.

Good luck!

I too am a 3x Cancer survivor and I totally get this! I’m sooo sorry that you’re going through this! I know the pain!  Radiation is awful! Have you completed your course of radiation? Most likely had I been told that I needed radiation I would have declined. I know what radiation can do to one’s body. I went through it with Breast Cancer. It may kill the cancer but also kill the surrounding area. May I ask why you chose radiation?  If you want to DM feel free. I like to answer publicly because I feel transparency helps others that are living through the same nightmare❤️

Was it Rectal Cancer? Mine was colon cancer directly linked to Ulcerative Colitis. 
when they found the mass my colon had so many holes in it that it didn’t make sense to keep it. Having that ileostomy was a nightmare and the worst time in my life!

BTW.... I had Breast Cancer 15 years ago and then Stage 3 Cc ... in Remission for 1 year and then it showed it’s ugly head again in my Lymph nodes. My original Oncologist wanted to do chemo again and I refused. I went for a 2nd opinion and accepted at Johns Hopkins in a clinical trial (Keytruda). When I went to see the Oncologist at Hopkins she said, “we are going to wait for the cancer to grow and then we’ll place you in the trial. By the time the cancer grew Keytruda was FDA  approved for Metastatic Colon Cancer with Biomarkers that are MSI- high. That’s me. 
I had 4 infusions and my immune system kicked in and started killing the cancer and me. Yep... Luckily, my oncologist alerted me what side effects to look out for. We were very aware and I still ended up in the ICU due to an allergic reaction to an antibiotic that I had taken in the past. I developed MRSA and almost died. But here I am ... almost 2020 and thriving!  Please don’t give up hope. I do suggest that you seek help at a nationally accredited cancer facility... a 2nd opinion can only help or even a 3rd opinion! Don’t give up yet! Good Luck❤️❤️

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