hi wondering what your dosage for xifaxin is when you rotate it..

i use to take it 3times a day times two but do not recall dosage per pill..

recently asked shen and he said t550 mil twice a day seems in conflict to when i took it before..but xifaxin for me was never that good..however, would like to get some clarification from those tha use it regularly..

anyoe else with ongoing pouchitis taking it?at what dosage?
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alleykat please try calling cam am drugs in florida..tel numbers 8664078688 or 9547466386..

i order some very expensive drugs for chronic sinus issues and the deal i get is vey affordable though them.. so good that i do not use insurance at all for them..instead of 200 dollars or so a month for each of the drugs with insurance i get three month supply for 99 dollars each thats about 33 dollars a month..

my guess is you will be able to get your drug as well..hope you try it..
drug i get from them is not generic because my dr made it clear it had to be brand ..sometimes generic is not the same..but my guess is you could get the brand as well..i am able to get brand for the two drugs i take that means they are exactly the same..on the other hand the other antibiotics i take with my insurance are all generics too..hmmmm
Last March my son took 2200 with cipro for close to a week. Weaned off cipro after the week then very slowly weaned rifaximin from 2200 down to 550 over a period of months. He now takes 550 rifximin daily. (He is also on humira once a month and methotextrate weekly).

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