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I was having pain near the takedown site. Got a CT scan.  Did not show much there, but did come up with something else that seems unrelated to any pain I'm having.  This is what the radiologist's report said:

"Approximately 25 cm from the anal verge, the distal small bowel has enteric wall and mucosal thickening with an intraluminal masslike lesion measuring approximately 6.4 cm long.  Inflammatory changes, intussusception, or a mass/lesion cannot be excluded. If these changes are inflammatory, then additional Crohn's disease cannot be excluded. Recommend GI consultation for direct visualization."

My GI doc is doing a pouchoscopy this week to see what it is. He said it could be nothing, could be a polyp, or any number of things.  I'm hoping it is just something normal in the pouch, as I don't have any symptoms of anything right now except maybe some adhesions.  I'm a 20 year poucher.  Mainly I'm hoping this is not something that will require surgery or create issues for the pouch.  As far as I know cancers of the pouch and small intestine are rare.

I realize no one can really diagnose on here.  It just seems like I remember having pouchosopies before and the term lesion being used when it was really just pouchitis and that went away with antibiotics.  Thanks.

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This is in the small intestine rather than the pouch - it’s about a foot away from the exit. Ideally your scope will extend far enough into the ileum to get a good look - technically that’s then an ileoscopy rather than a pouchoscopy. I don’t know if you normally get sedation for a scope, but I recommend you at least discuss it with your GI, in case it changes anything (e.g. whether you would need a ride home from the procedure). He might tell you he can get there without sedation, and that’s fine, too, but it’s best to be prepared. You might also need a bit more prep than a simple pouchoscopy, since you can’t rinse out the small bowel with a tap water enema. I hope it goes smoothly and gets you some answers.

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