like me i know we have our little crisis from time to time(did i say little haha!)on even keel again i hope? i am trying the 2 weeks on rotating not attempting off antibiotics..just need to get some consistency again...hoping rotating 4 antibiotics every two weeks is enough time before i get to first one past i think i rotated as the need came up sometimes two weeks sometimes i made more time but thought your idea sounded good of no more than two weeks..since i am not taking week off in-between hoping thats enough time..i just do not want to stubble trying to make the week off..have you really been ok that week off or do you feel your pushing it accepting less good days to make the week or is that just a new development? i know its pretty individual .thanks rebe
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Because of the failed experiment with VSL#3 DS I had a setback last week and I feel like I will need to be on antibiotics for 2 weeks straight before I attempt to go off antibiotics again. I was miserable Saturday, Sunday, and yesterday and only now is the Xifaxin starting to kick in.

I was actually able to go as long as 10 days off antibiotics in the past. However I was slowly decreasing dosages and when I went back on Cipro and Flagyl the week before the failed experiment, I probably should have stayed on longer at a higher dosage before this experiment.

It's actually the worst pouchitis flare I've had in the last few years but I can feel the Xifaxin kicking in today.

Prior to all of this I had boiled the rotations down from 2 weeks to one week and this may have been a problem. I suspect that the one week on and one week off may have weakened up the pouch a little bit resulting in the dramatic failure of the VSL#3 DS after only 5 days.

I would encourage you to keep experimenting and don't put too much stock into what I am doing. I'm going back to a two-week on and then one week off rotation, between Cipro, Flagyl, Augmentin, and XIFAXIN.
thanks i hear you..keep updating however....what you do certainly helps me think about what to do or try..

ct i know you have yeast problems..thinking i may have had it or have it with itching in butt area and vaginal area outside but it is not continually..yours sounded pretty bad but how did you know you had it?some days i have it other i do not..does that sound possible?if i am more diligent with my witch hazel wipes sees to relieve it..but does a dr. examine you for it? how do you know its gone?


p.s always fun and games with our antibiotic adventures!!!
but does a dr. examine you for it? how do you know its gone?

As I mentioned my Doctor scrapes the skin and confirms by looking at skin flakes under a microscope. It takes all of 30 seconds to do. My dermatologist was able to confirm the rash as yeast on the spot.

You know it is gone when the skin looks healthy. As I said I have seen rashes come and go before I needed to go to the Doc. It was there in my armpit one day and gone a few days later after applying Zeabsorb.
good luck ct in i hope getting antibiotic working again..

i am on antibiotic now total three weeks ,second antibiotic(two weeks on one started another this week for two weeks)i have had the best week so far in a long time. got me to again realize how freakin good it could be if operation was totally successful!!! sigh!

found out i do not have any yeast infection..doing my diet,taking antibiotic and enjoying every moment of these good days!!! i have not even counted bms.i think this is what its like hmmmm..still no permanent replacement for antibiotics (as long as they work!!) but am still holding on to half a dosage of antibiotics only can be due to my diet..

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