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I did a search and the most recent post I could find on this was from 2019. Just wondering if anyone currently using the board has been diagnosed with arthritis after surgeries and such -- particularly if it is Crohn's-related.

I've been stable for quite some time, but over the summer the Crohn's started flaring up in small ways. Then the join pain started. Elbows, knees, hips, back; the lower back pain is pretty much permanent right now.

I have an appointment with a rheumatologist on the 23rd, and my gut doctor is following everything closely. I've completely changed my exercise routine (LOTS of stretching, modified yoga, walking) and am being very careful but am quite discouraged by the constant level of pain. I'm really hoping for a definitive diagnosis and solid treatment plan -- and that I won't be told I have to quit work.  I've had to drop so many things already.

Is there anyone else who can relate? I'd love to make contact.



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It is not Crohn's related, it is auto-immune disorder related.  Both Crohn's and rheumatoid arthritis are manifestations of autoimmune disorders and patients commonly have both and/or other autoimmune disorders.  In fact there is a thread about multiple autoimmune disorders going on right now.  The good news is that biological drugs can be used to treat both.  Humira that works for Crohn's often works well with the RA.  I have a friend who has both and he says his Humira treats both.

See this thread:

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