crohn's disease in the pouch

I've had the pouch for nine years and was just diaganosed with Crohn's in both the pouch and the small intestine.  Diarrhea worse than ever, losing weight and in pain.

Anyone out there with similar experience?  If so, what did you do to get better?



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Nothing really works so I just live with it.  I take 5 mg of prednisone daily despite all the bad side effects.  Also 10 mg of lomotil AM and PM.

The truth is that I'm still alive 28 years after ulcerative colitis started, with several extended hospital stays, massive weight loss and intravenous feeding  before the operation.  Also, I'm 82 years old and the operation 13 years ago saved my life. 


Hi Toni

Before you try this; speak to your Health Care Professional i.e. doctor.

Rather then 10 mg of lomotil try using small amounts of Psyllium husk powder.

It's not easy to mix, but try mixing it with water, just small amounts, a tea spoonful twice a day, then build up gradually each day with just a bit more if needed. But Remember you don't want to be 'blocked up'; it has the ability to do that if you are already blocked up. 

At the same time rest the pouch. Get nutritional drinks prescribed; they will have everything your body needs. Drink plain soups like tomato, chicken etc. but without stuff like croutons etc. 

Report back please.

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