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Is there anyone out there that has had terrible gut wrenching upper abdominal pain as well ad pelvic pain, bloating? (Causing very sore torso after) not in the pouch area.

possible ielius vs mild bowel obstruction on ct scan. Is this normal for a fairly new K pouch (8 weeks ago) and more miserable than I have ever been.

Thanks for you advice or similar story. Feel alone in this.



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So sorry for the pain and problems, especially this soon after the surgery.  Since my k  pouch surgery I've never had bowel obstruction, although prior to the surgery I would get them on a weekly basis. The difference for me was because they removed extensive amount of adhesions on my intestine during the surgery. Also I  previously had SIBO, which has miraculously disappeared since the surgery of close to two years ago.

Thus, I am sending sympathy but have no advice. Sorry.   Keep us posted on specific diagnosis and  treatment . Janet 

The k pouch has been fantastic for me,  relative to the multitude of problems with the J pouch.  although certainly not without some complications.  It took a year for me to be completely comfortable with it – – that year  involved squatter toilets some nasty out houses, forgetting the catheter from time to time, dealing with odor, learning what foods I really can't eat and the such. But I'm on an even keel and appreciate the surgery. I say this as encouragement for you to hang in there.   It's worth it. 

Is your  doc for the blockage in the same hospital system as the surgeon, or indeed the same doctor?   When can they get a specific diagnosis and how do they anticipate treating whatever it is? Janet 

Yes, there are quite a few of us who have experienced the awful pain of obstructions. I describe it to people as increasingly frequent and increasingly more intense waves of pain. Twice I headed to the hospital with an obstruction. The first time it passed on the way (felt like a huge "pop" inside) and the second it passed during me 2.5 hour ER wait. My surgeon did laproscopic adhesion removal and I haven't had an obstruction since (thankfully). There are quite a few people and doctors who hesitate to do adhesion removal, so you have to find someone who is both willing and able to do so without much bowel manipulation (which is what causes them to form).

Try to hang in. Since your kock pouch is relatively new, the pain or discomfort is possibly just the pouch getting used to serving as a resovoir. And yes, the pain from air in the pouch can cause intense cramping pain. Try to drain the pouch following the surgeons advice or the schedule they gave you. Also, you may want to insert a catheter into the pouch and attach to a leg bag, or just insert catheter and clamp it off and unclamp to drain every few hours. This saves you from having to traumatize the valve with repeated insertions. Also, try and irrigate pouch with saline or clean fresh water once or twice a day. Be careful of diet, just have easy to digest foods that will not clog the catheter. Also, the cramping and such may just be a bout of pouchitis, maybe your doc can prescribe a course of antibiotics..ideally, with this situation the surgeon or a gi doctor should scope the pouch to make a definite diagnosis. I am not a physician, just offering some helpful ideas which worked for me personally with issues regarding kock pouch. Try to be very careful with the valve and intubation, perhaps just have clear fluids like warm tea, jello, pedialyte, etc and try and see or communicate with surgeon or gi. I know the pain you are describing, and that it can be severe, but once the cause is found, there is help to make you and the pouch feel better.

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I understand.

After 40 years with K pouch I am suffering dreadful adhesion pain,

It feels as if the pouch has moved and attached to more of the adhesions.

The homeopathist has helped with a remedy. I am certainly worse with food that does not break down. Very complicated as I have problem with dairy and any fats. Leaving me quite stuck now so having problems eating. Thought I was so good with my diet but yet another problem,

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