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First shot yesterday of moderna. Very sore arm and a bit of nausea. Second in 30 days. My sister got covid, ended up in the hospital for a week in icu. Had to have oxygen for two months after her release. I'd rather take my chances with the vaccine. Some of the misinformation is unreal. You really need to just try to avoid all the stupidity.



I am scheduled for my second Pfizer shot next Saturday April 17.  Please let us know how soon after the shot those symptoms came on and how long they took to abate.  If it is any consolation to you, my GI doc also had the same symptoms after Moderna part 2, and he told me it's a good sign that the vaccine is working and stimulating the immune system to do what it needs to do.  He worked through his symptoms, which may have been a bit less intense than yours.  Good luck and keep us posted!

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@Pilot Debby posted:

I had my second vaccine Thursday and was hoping for the best. I woke up at 4 am the day after and could not raise my arm, the first one did not do that. I thought it had fallen asleep during my sleep but obviously it was the shot. My neck hurt, shoulder and into my back, that part is slightly better. Seems it is now causing havoc in my small intestine and j-pouch so drinking water with electrolytes. I am worried it will get worse. Anyone with a j-pouch had this reaction from the vaccine?

How are you doing now Debby? Did you things get better?

@mark234 and pilot debby

i had problems after my first vaccine of Pfizer. My mom and I have j- pouch and got the vaccine 8/27/21 and we both had the same gut problem only mine was over one week later Sunday night. Hers was the next day 9/6. I did a full rant on what I experienced on another thread that I started on 8/24 asking for advice on getting the vaccine.

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