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3 different family members and friends- all of whom are in the healthcare profession- told me they had reactions to part 2 of Moderna vaccine. All 3 reported being hit with a "wave of massive fatigue" lasting under 24 hours. 1 of the 3 also reported a low grade fever. 1 other family member reported a slight headache several hours after part 1 of Pfizer vaccine, which went away after taking a Tylenol.

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@Kangaroo Did the vaccine cause any pouch distress? More diarrhea or bathroom trips?

I didn't have any distress in the first 2 weeks of the first dose,  after 2 weeks amd 3 days i felt my pouch is in disress had lower left to mid abdominal pain/cramps starting suddenly pain went away after a few min or after visiting the bathroom had diarrhea BM went up, was scared i developed  pouchitis, it lasted  for 4 day's was watching on my diet and all came back to normal, now i don't know if its because of the vaccine or food poisoning or something else, would like to hear from others their experience, i'm now 2 weeks after the 2nd dose and I'm perfectly fine.

Was finally able to schedule my Covid vaccine dose 1 at Walgreens Saturday March 20. Does anyone know if Walgreens gives you a choice of Pfizer or Moderna or do you have to take whatever you can get? Was able to schedule both doses in one shot on their website but they don't let you choose the vaccine. My second dose is Saturday April 17. I am assuming that because both doses were booked in one shot that they will keep my second dose stored in their cooler until April 17.

I work as a hospital pharmacist. My husband and I have both had both doses of Pfizer vaccine. He only had sore arm for both. I had the sore arm for both, a little fatigue with the 1st one, a little fatigue, a few body aches, and a dull headache with second shot - all over with in 24 hrs. No pouch problems. About a third of our pharmacy staff had symptoms after second shot that kept them home from work, primarily fever and body aches.

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Almost everyone I talked to who had Moderna second dose got their ass kicked but in different ways: extreme fatigue in some cases, fever in others, aches and headaches in others, and yeah usually 24-48 hours at most. So I am kind of expecting it will happen to me in some way.

My sister, my boyfriend and my brother in law all got the Moderna vaccine at the same time and all 3 did not get sick, just had a sore arm.
Hopefully you’ll be just as lucky!

I actually ended up getting the Pfizer Vaccine even though my  vaccine dosings were spaced 4 weeks apart.  No problems so far. Branford Walgreens is running a very efficient vaccination operation.  They have a walk up window for the Vaccine.  Filled out a brief questionnaire and then got my shot 10 minutes after getting there. Hopefully part 2 will go better than it did for CTB23, if not, I will suck it up and take whatever ass kicking I get.

This question, although strays a bit from the thread, is about the covid vaccine. I'm not sure who might be able to help me with this but my concern is my seemingly over reactive immune response. I developed serum sickness with Remicade and 'lupus like syndrome' with nerve damage from Humira. Both were after the initial injection. I'm a bit concerned that I might have a more exaggerated response to the covid vaccination. I've not had any issues with flu shots however. Any thoughts on this? What are the chances such responses are being tracked?

I had an adverse reaction to my second Covid vaccine, but not enough to recommend against getting the vaccine. I had redness, pain and swelling around the injection site the next day and lasted about 5 days. I also had significant fatigue, body aches, and chills the following day. Significant enough to send me to bed. Still, all preferable to actually getting the infection, with a risk of sending me to the hospital or worse!

None of this is considered an allergic reaction, just an immune response.


The few people I know who had the second injection (both Pfizer and Moderna) reported feeling unwell with flu like symptoms for a few days. That's  not really the reaction I'm concerned about. It's the idea that my immune system seemed to go an overdrive response with Remicade and again with Humira. The symptoms were wide spread, debilitating, and continued long after the drug was cleared from my system. I still have nerve damage over 2 years later. My worry is that my immune system will go over board. It doesn't seem to like to take a 'wait and see' approach when faced with what it might think is a threat.

I realize I likely won't find any information to ease my specific fears. I'll just have to get vaccinated and do that waiting and seeing!

There are specific reasons for certain individuals to not get this vaccine (mostly allergies to ingredients or a history of Gillian-Barre syndrome). However, for the most part most of the “bad press” about it is misinformation, including that from foreign disinformation campaigns to disrupt free societies.

The risk for severe disease far exceeds the minimal risk of serious side effects. Feeling lousy for a few days is nothing compared to being hospitalized and/or suffering long term effects from the virus.


I agree that the effects of the vaccine far outweigh the possibility of getting COVID 19 and whatever health issues go along with that scenario.  I have a friend who got COVID in December and is still feeling the after effects of it.  She also has Rheumatoid Arthritis and is on Remicade.  She just became eligible for her vaccine and is planning it around her infusion schedule.  So “feeling lousy for a few days”is no big deal as far as I’m concerned.

I feel completely blessed to have avoided a Covid infection, while still living my life (except for our beloved travel). I am now fully vaccinated as of 2 weeks ago, so finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

My sister-in-law was not so lucky. A couple of months ago she was infected when Covid swept through her office. She lives alone and drove herself to the ER. Her oxygen levels dropped from mid 80s to low 70s by the time she got there. She has asthma and wound up spending a week in ICU and another week in an isolation room. She is home, but still struggling with daily fatigue and brain fog. Now that she has been treated with monoclonal antibodies, she has to wait before she can be vaccinated. She is alive, but not a happy camper!


I had my second vaccine Thursday and was hoping for the best. I woke up at 4 am the day after and could not raise my arm, the first one did not do that. I thought it had fallen asleep during my sleep but obviously it was the shot. My neck hurt, shoulder and into my back, that part is slightly better. Seems it is now causing havoc in my small intestine and j-pouch so drinking water with electrolytes. I am worried it will get worse. Anyone with a j-pouch had this reaction from the vaccine?

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I'm in Ontario, Canada.  I rcvd my 1st Pfizer vaccine March 4th, & was scheduled to get 2nd on April 2nd, but Canada just moved to a 12 week window between shots bc we are so far behind in getting our citizens their 1st dose.   

Does anyone have any feedback from having a longer window of time between shots?   Thank you

The 12-week window wasn’t tested in the clinical trials, but based on the way vaccination works it should be just fine, as long as you don’t relax precautions until 2 weeks after the second dose.

I heard from some Canadian friends about that 12 week pushback and it's unfortunate for them. I think the main issue though is what if they get Covid in that 12 week window and get super sick or even die. That would really suck. What's not clear to me is whether the one dose will prevent such a situation from happening. I know the UConn women's basketball coach Geno Auriemma got Covid between his first and second shots and fortunately for him did not get any symptoms. But is that guaranteed, I don't think so.

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