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HI all, Has anyone any updated thoughts on whether to suspend your anti TNF meds during covid? I am taking Hyrimoz  - a biosimilar of Humira.  I just came down with Covid on Monday, and was due a dose that day, but have held off with the uncertainty - as I can't get through to my doctor for now.  There seems to be some evidence they may be helpful in reducing the chance of severe disease  - but it also seems inconclusive still. Any thoughts..?

Many thanks

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Anti-TNF medications are a subgroup of biologic medications. For J-pouchers they are used for stubborn inflammation-related GI issues. For example, if my antibiotics (for chronic pouchitis) stopped working I’d try to find an effective biologic, and some folks switch even before antibiotics stop working.

No one really knows for sure what to do about them during an active Covid-19 infection, but I’d probably delay my dose for 10-14 days.

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