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hi there, has anybody got a note from a Dr. to excuse you from work due to having auto immune issues? just curious because where i work at Costco it is literally a petri dish with thousands of people there everyday and they are considering 2 weeks paid leave for people over 65, pregnant and people who have compromised auto immune issues. I am not even sure if having colitis and a J-pouch done a decade ago even qualifies has having a compromised auto immune issues. i am almost 60...any help greatly appreciated

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I have received a letter from my GI Doc. It was not a problem at all. She said that it would be best to work from home, if that was possible, do to having Crohn's and especially since I am on Humria.

My co-worker has UC and she got a letter from her GI, no problem at all either. 

We see different docs at different hospitals. 

If you are concerned, I would definitely contact your doc and talk to them. 

Indy Dave, I hope your doctor can help you. It must be hard to go to work everyday knowing that you're exposed to thousands of people in an essential service such as Costco. I appreciate all the front line people who keep the supply lines open, alongside the important medical personnel from the nurses, doctors, nursing assistants, technicians, paramedics, delivery people, bus drivers, janitors, housekeeping staff, police who keep everything open for the rest of is. The Costco here hands out disinfectant wipes to every customer who walks in to wipe their hands and the shopping cart handle. I wish every business could do that. Protect yourself and don't go out unless it's for your essential job, for food or medication for yourself, family, or a neighbour in need. Isolate, don't congregate; soap and water often, and we will get through this.

It wasnt so much at being a higher risk of getting it - more like what would happen if i did get being I had autoimmune issues in the past, how would my body react. I have have a few other autoimmune issues over the years. My body just likes to attack itself. Dont want to take a chance finding out how i would respond to covid19. Being where i work is the most popular place to visit these days makes us all skitterish


I've often wondered that myself.  After colon removal and now with J-pouch... Are we still considered immune compromised? I'm not on Amy meds (no biologics), so I'm just wondering what the concensus is?  My GI Doc says I'm healed, and don't have UC anymore. But I do still wonder if the auti immune response is still in my system somehow. 

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