In the past 10 years I have felt I was more prone of getting the flu than people around me. I was never to worried about it Do you feel without our colon that is the case? Just curious !



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No. I honestly feel like I have since before UC. I never get regular sick and I don't think that the coronavirus has anything on me.

That being said, be safe, be smart and do the things you should be doing to protect yourself but don't contribute to this pandemonium.

I don’t feel that my susceptibility to viruses is any better or worse than before. That said, I have been very careful and religious about getting my vaccines. I am particularly careful with Covid-19, since I am in several risk groups. 

Sheltering at home currently.


I’ve rarely been ill since having a stoma/j-pouch. I’ll get the odd common cold here and there and that’s it, but I am religiously washing my hands and have done for years. So maybe it’s good hand hygiene that plays a big part in that for me?... Not sure. 

Crohn's Colitis Foundation recently did a Facebook Live Event and presented encouraging info to us with IBD related to Covid-19.  One argument was that suppressed immune system from immune suppressive drugs may arguably be beneficial in fighting off Covid-19. Also, presented some world wide data collected that 41 confirmed cases of people with IBD. All 41 recovered, only 10 required hospitalization.  Doctor(s) firmly/clearly stated stay on your immunosuppressing drugs.

I am less susceptible than before having my colon out...but I do not play with fire either...a true flu can knock us on our I get vaccinated for Covid 19...this one is fire and in Europe, we are losing hundreds/day...Italy is at close to 10 000 deaths directly related...France is at nearly 5000 (they do not officially include those who have died in senior's homes...). So, be careful...Very VERY careful...Stay in, stay home, order in, have your groceries delivered...

None of us is bullet-proof...none of us is immune and even the strong are falling...we did not fight so hard to get healthy to die from something so stupid as the 'need' to go shopping or meet up with friends.

Stay healthy, stay safe



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