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I’ve had a constant and progressively worse cough and constant need to clear my throat for about 3 years now.  Of course, it’s been treated as sinus, post nasal drip, and allergies.  With no change. Honestly I just dont feel like there’s ever much wrong sinus or head.  But I get reflux very bad from my pouch and a stricture.  Has anyone ever linked mucus build up, a constant ”lump” in the throat or constant nagging to clear the throat to anything related to anything we all deal with?

And to be clear, this was going on long before Covid. But constantly clearing my throat in a Covid nervous world is not a pleasant thing.  

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I doubt it has anything to do with Crohn's or J Pouch but could be related to autoimmune disorder. As I have written elsewhere I have been diagnosed with inflammatory airway disease with essentially the same symptoms you are describing which started after a bout with viral pneumonia back in April 2019 and has persisted ever since. They are calling it non allergic chronic rhinitis. Most likely the cause is viral in nature. All of us get infected with viruses other than Covid that cause changes in our bodies that are not for the better. Half the adult population has HPV which is a sexually transmitted virus that causes throat cancer. There are numerous other viruses that could cause the condition you have. In my case it's being treated with steroid and antihistamine nasal sprays and I would suggest you should pursue such treatment if you have not already done so. I had numerous breathing tests and a bronchoscopy and it all came back normal but still have the cough/trouble clearing my throat.

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I had a difficult-to-diagnose cough for a few years that turned out to be asthma, though I’ve never had an asthma “attack.” The diagnosis required a specialized test called a methacholine challenge. Finding the right steroid inhaler did the trick for me, but it took a lot of trial and error (and fighting with the insurance company once per year for approval). You also mentioned reflux, and whether or not that has anything to do with your pouch it can certainly cause a chronic cough. It would be very useful to find a way to get the reflux under control for a while (e.g. with acid controlling medication) to see if your cough gets better.

Good luck!

I also developed a cough.  I went to lung Dr. in my area.   He sent me for multiple tests,  could not find anything.  The lung Dr. actually told me to go back to my city Drs.  I called my Gastro Mt.  Sinai he told me to call Dr. DePalo  Lung Dr. also Mt. Sinai. I took all tests that I had on LI gave them to Dr. DePalo. He looked at all tests and MRI. He told me I have bronchiectasis.  He gave me an aerobika device . It is a breathing device.  He told me to use it every day.  I have ulcerative colitis and had my j-pouch surgery 10 years ago.  I also have PSC , bronchiectasis, and acid reflux.  I believe it all stems from the disease.  Ask your Dr. about the cough it could be bronchiectasis.  I hope you find an answer.    Grace

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