Has anyone else had their life screwed over by the opiate hysteria epidemic? I take about 20mg of imodium per day to live my life with some decency. I'm doing some research on importing from out of the country at present. It's not illegal because the DEA/FDA did not schedule imodium. They did some sort of crooked backroom handshake deal to get it moved behind the counter. 

There 1.6 million Americans with bowel diseases who are affected by this, all because 2-3 morons drank 400mg imodium milkshakes and died. 1.6 million people affected over 2-3 deaths. That's our wonderful USA. 

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BethPD posted:

Have been able to mail order 200 ct bottles from CVS. same as what we used to get at Costco, thankfully!

I hope it stays. Remember, though, Costco was the main supplier US wide due to it's price/distribution. Costco isn't the only one to change, either. 

CVS prices were much higher to begin with so they probably have a huge supply to get rid of. 

It's coming so stock up if it's a big enough deal. It's possible that they may holdout and remain with the large pill mailorder option. I hope they do but profits are the most important factor in any company operation and vendors end up at equilibrium pricing. 

I would be nervous if that was my supply option .

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