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Ok, just to update. I saw the rhumatologist, had an MRI, turns out its not my sacroilitis but it's actually my hip that has intense inflammation. For some reason the arthritis is not being controlled by the infliximab, or perhaps it is the infliximab or maybe it was the cipro that i took a few months ago. Just when i thought i was back on track -BOOM- another unknowable issue arises. 

Anyway, rheumy wants me to have a cortizone injection under x-ray tomorrow, has anyone had this? How painful is it? What do i need to know going in?



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It is a very common procedure and done a lot here...The pain depends on the person doing it and the person getting stuck! 

Some people have told me that they barely felt and then again others....well, let's just say that they weren't thrilled.

My Rhumy refuses to do them anymore because he says that they are responsible for breakdown of the surrounding tissues later in life...1 or 2xs is fine but not a weekly or monthly basis. 

Here they were the go-to protocol for years. Now he says that you feel better for about a week and then the pain comes back and feels worse because you have been pain-free for a while.

If it can help you to move better and not suffer for a while, go for it and report back to us.


Hi.  I had two injections for my hip arthritis.   They didn't hurt at all.  The first one helped for a while, but the second one did not. I am recovering from a total hip replacement (less invasive posterior approach), and I am doing well.  

Your two take home messages are... Don't be scared of the injection; it's not bad at all.  Also, if you ever need hip surgery, the new procedure is way better than the old way.  You're probably not close to needing surgery, but just something to keep in mind.

Good luck.


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