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I saw someone posted on general discussion about success stories. Might be a good option to sticky here for people wanting to learn about this procedures, BCIR and Kpouch,etc.

I also think a Tips section would be good.

One I learned tonight.

Ok here is a tip not sure if others have done this. My valve is kinked I have only been able to get me bullet tip catheter in and that catherer sucks. I once liked it now with it coiling, stabbing my bladder and not draining fully I hate it. So Cut my 3 hole one down at the end, that is to thick and hard to get in my pouch for a month now, then boiled it for a few min. It cooled off and was very flexible. I got it in then it hardened while in there but formed a mold to get back in and curved the right way. I retried 3 more times after it hardened and worked. Will see if the same luck tomorrow and so on. But if you prefer the 3 hole sucker and it won't go in, boil it, just keep pulling it out and once it is super flexible use it. Might work for other people with valve issues.

Other thing I notice. I can't lay on my back, my pouch moves to much and feels like gas starts to form. I lay on my left side to sleep and everything stays calm. I also lay on my left side after eating or while eating. Prevents unpleasent feeling of food and occasional gas moving, I think it prevents gas from going down as well, I also burp a lot on my left side.
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Definely the right side for me...not even for a minute on the left, my pouch 'flops' over and it is hard to "unflop". As for tubes/cahteters etc, depending on you and your experience you can cut extra holes in certain catheters (parctice on old ones) by pinching the spot flat where you want the extra hole, take a sharp knife ( very careful to do this slowly, over a counter top and do not cut yourself!) just cut up a semi-circle through the pinched area and you have an extra then need to file it, melt it in hot water or burn it and smooth out the edges so they don't cut you. It does help for some of us but it then makes the tube a bit more bendy and flexible. Harder to push in.
I have often walked into surgical supply stores 'window shopping' and picked out different tube to try and the docs and nurses here are very nice about that sort of thing and let me pick out and try anything...if (and this is for you Vanessa) you cannot get the tube in and the silcon one is too flexible to go round the bends then reinforce it through the inside with a stiffer gives it 'support'...when the tube goes in, pull the wire out and you are fine.

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