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I haven't posted in a while and am fortunate to not have a lot of issues with this pouch.  I had recently tried the whole 30 diet to lose a little weight.  I only made it 19 days as it was my birthday and then went right into thanksgiving.  I ate a lot of sweets and drank alcohol.  On thanksgiving day, I had trouble eating much as i felt very full and ended up with pain and heartburn.  I didn't think much of it at first but it lasted many days.  I just kept on going not really thinking there was an issue and then had alot of back pain and just felt awful.  Thought maybe pouchitis and started taking cipro.  Emailed Dr. Shen and then wanted me to go to cleveland.. I wanted to try the cipro first..  I just had a scope in June and he was so happy with my pouch.  I haven't taken cipro in probably almost a year.  He agreed to the cipro but had me schedule a defecography and a manometry .  I assume because i was apparently so backed up he wanted to see if the pouch was emptying correctly or if i have a stricture.  After almost 2 weeks on the cipro things seem a lot better.  My question is has anyone experienced any of this?  My daughter is getting married in Jamaica next week and Im thankful to be now feeling better but am afraid to drink while im there and am worried it'll happen again..  My tests arent until after christmas and I really don't want to go and do them as things are moving fine now but I am afraid to not go and find out for sure....  Any thoughts or experiences will be greatly appreciated!!  



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It’s often worth trying Cipro or Flagyl when pouchitis is a possibility, because it offers such a simple solution. OTOH I don’t think pouchitis ever causes heartburn. J-pouchers are subject to the same common GI problems as coloned people, and my guess is that you either picked up a GI infection or just the consequences of overindulgence with a sensitive gut. Lots of people have experienced those things. Maybe try a drink at home rather than waiting until you’re in Jamaica for the next test? I’d also recommend moderation when you’re there, but that’s a very personal choice.

Thanks for the response Scott,    That is a big problem for me.. moderation...  haha....   

I never get heartburn...  this was like the pouch was sleeping... like nothing moved and i felt nothing that low  ...  i couldn't put much in and everything just backed up into the throat...  I was very concerned about a pouch twist or technical issue with the pouch..  tried the cipro first hoping it was pouchitis or sibo...   Dr Shen wanted those additional tests i think because of the backing up that i felt... it was very very weird...  Things are moving again fine but I am afraid of alcohol because it does seem to mess with my jpouch...  

Heartburn for me usually like an acid reflux. There's this sour liquid that seems to be present in the food pipe. I get them if I eat too much sugar foods or something fried. I am not a big drinker so cant comment on that. In past I used to take any antacid like pentacid once a day to hold back acid built up. You can ask your GI about them. Also I'd recommend not drinking on an empty stomach. I've done that and paid for it.

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