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For days now, I’m having a really hard time going to the bathroom. I push super hard and only a little bit of stool comes out. The texture of it also seems to be thicker. I’ve taken Linzess which is a prescription probiotic and laxative, and it usually makes me go, but even that’s not working. Neither is Metamucil.

I’ve been super fatigued the last few days and was tested for Covid (someone in my house is positive), but it came back negative. I had some nausea the other day as well. Just thought I’d mention that.

Could this be some type of stomach bug?

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Straining definitely is not a good thing. Increasing your fluids, particularly fruit juices will help and back off on solids and fiber until things loosen up. If you are not passing anything, avoid strong laxatives until you are certain you are not obstructed.

I hope the COVID positive person is isolating in your household. Take care.


So, I ended up having Covid and the constipation issue is still ongoing. I went to my colorectal surgeon’s office where they did an in-office exam/scope and said I have some inflammation and would treat me for pouchitis, so they get me mesalamine suppositories. I thought with inflammation you’d have the opposite of constipation but I guess not. I took my 3rd suppository tonight but nothing is better yet. I guess it takes time.

The doctor couldn’t confirm that this was caused by Covid, but she wouldn’t rule it out either.

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