Hello all.
For the past two weeks I have been dealing with constant urges to go. Day and night. I am getting little sleep. I have to work in 100 degree heat and halfway thru my shift I am drained... Absolutely drained but I keep pushing no pun intended... To get thru my shift.
I was just in to see my surgeon awhile back.. Month ago.... And she did a digital stretch and exam and said all looked really good and healthy. The stretch.... I assume it was because I told her I had a problem going...because it was rather painful and I could tell she was doing something... You know... Not like this with the urges. I guess I have to go back but thought I would bring it up here.
With the constant urge to go about one out of 10 time is there enough to come out in get relief for about an hour and it's back to constant.
I have no blood in my stool. But it goes from diarrhea to small pieces. I take lomotal so I don't expect solids and diarrhea is just fine as long as it comes out. Just wondering if anyone here has gone thru this and what was the problem.
One thing is I am weaning off hydrocodone. I am sure that has something to do with it. Maybe.
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It could be weaning off the hydrocodone, as that typically slows things down a bit. Pouchitis comes to mind, too, but if you saw your doc and she said everything is okay, I'm not sure. I would be extra vigilant about your fluid and electrolyte balances though; with your system being off and working in that kind of heat, it would be very easy for things to get thrown out of whack. I live in Austin, and I have to be extra careful from May through September when it's so hot here...I ended up in the ER last month with almost zero potassium and magnesium in my system and severely dehydrated, even though I was drinking water throughout the day. Now a water bottle is always at my side and I try to drink 100 oz each day. Hope you're feeling better soon!
I have water with me constantly. I drink at least five 16.9 oz a day. I Refill the bottle.... I don't get a new one everytime.
No pouchitis or anything like that. But like you said I was leaning toward the weaning. Haha.
I cut back quite a bit on the opiate as I want to get off them.
I don't need em anymore. And I was always... Well it was in the back of my mind... Wondering how that was gonna affect my pouch and it's function. Hopefully that is it and it will straighten out and start working properly.
In the meantime I have to deal it it I guess and hope that's it.
Other than that I have no problems besides B Burn. Most of us have experienced that.
I am SW of Ft. Worth.

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