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Hello. I'm new and my name is Ames. I had a Jpouch and temp ileosotomy created January 16, 2015. I had a few complications that required a second surgery and drain placements but now that those are gone I'm experiencing this pain on my anus. It's nearly constant and the only time I get relief is when I poo liquid out of my backside but then it's only comfortable for an hour or two.

Did anybody else experience constant anal pain this far out of their surgery? I mentioned it to my doc and he didn't seem concerned but I'm worried still. Pain Meds don't seem to be doing much for it.

Thanks for your responses.
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I had quite a bit of anal discomfort after j pouch surgery. its quite common. I can't remember when exactly it stopped but I think it was uncomfortable for a good 4 to 5 weeks.


when I had the 8 week mri pouchogram a small sinus was detected. im not sure if that was the cause of the pain but anyway it all cleared it in time and I had takedown last week (9 months after the j pouch surgery)

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