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Trying to keep the description of my issue as short as possible.

  • It's occurred in the past, but recently the churning sensation and loud noises are consistently bothersome.  Typically, it occurs every 3-4 minutes ALL DAY.  Not only after I eat.  The churning is not painful, but rather I feel a lot of discomfort.  The noises that my digestive system produce are so loud that someone several feet away can hear it.
  • I've paid attention to my diet and eating habits.  Have attempted to not eat certain things and then keep it simple with bland items, to name a few such as: bananas, toast, applesauce, etc.  Have attempted many small meals per day. It appears that no matter what I eat, the issue remains. This morning I woke up at 6:30am and my stomach was churning.  Tried something different and didn't eat breakfast until 9:00am.  Still felt the churning sensation and heard the noises every 3-4 minutes.  It's almost 3:00pm, and like I mentioned above, this has been going on all day.
  • I have recently been scoped and tested for pouchitis but that was ruled out.
  • I had a nasty sinus infection in the early part of the winter.  I was on a couple antibiotics at different times because I couldn't kick it. When I was on the antibiotics, it was really the only time I can remember where my jpouch and GI system was not consistently upset.  However, this led to me developing my first case of C-Diff. Ironically, was treated with antibiotic; it cleared up and my restest for it was negative.


I'm open to all suggestions and can provide more info if needed.  Thank you in advance.

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How long have you had your j-pouch for?


If you were better on Antibiotics have tried going back on them again?  If it works then you probably have undiagnosed pouchitis.  You may also want to get tested for SIBO.


Have they checked you for abdominal adhesion? That was one of the things that my GI tested me for when my stomach was making all sorts of loud noises.


My issue ended up being a small stricture that needed to be dilated, after that everything improved for me and I was able to get off of the antibiotics.

I've had my j-pouch for just over 2 years.


I haven't been on any antibiotics since I was treated for C-Diff in late January.  I was just checked for pouchitis 2-3 weeks ago so I'm hoping it's not undiagnosed.


I don't believe I've been checked for an abdominal adhesion. How is this done?  Can it only be done by a GI doctor?


How is a stricture diagnosed: through a scope, CT scan, etc?

I went for an MRI to check for adhesions.  Which they did not see but the GI said it could be just the way my body(organs) were positioned at the time of the MRI that hid the adhesions.  They can also find them surgically, many times they find them during the take-down surgery and remove the adhesions.


I had a scope done and they saw the stricture and they dilated it.  I've been good ever since (knock on wood).  I feel better and all the noises went away....guess I was getting backed up because of the scar tissue (stricture).

Hey Jeff- your symptoms sound similar to mine. Constant "flip flopping" is what I call it, when I eat, when I don't eat, all the time. And towards the end of the day, after I've eaten my multiple small meals throughout the day, I get this discomfort in the lower left part of my abdomen that is just indescribable... I feel so full and uncomfortable no matter what I eat. I was dx with abdominal adhesions which were causing bowel obstructions back in December and the surgeon said once they removed the adhesions my symptoms would get better- didn't happen. I am now 5 weeks post surgery and the symptoms are back. They are going to test me for SIBO and maybe do an emptying scan. One thing that did help with the "flip flopping " was bentyl which is a smooth muscle relaxer.

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