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I'm new to this site and have been reading stories and posting.  First, what a wonderful site and group and wonderful information!!
Second, I've been reading on the connection and I have a question.  My surgeon did not remove my rectum, it's still there but sewn up into my very lower abdominal wall.  I thought it was to save it for reconnect but I'm reading about how the pouch is connected to the anus.  Can someone enlighten me on what the pouch is actually sewn to?  I'm thinking that if my rectum remains I may have more control in holding the waste in. 
Thanks for all the great information, keep it coming, it has really helped to have it and to be able to tell my story!
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In the usual procedure the pouch is attached (stapled) to a short remnant of rectum called a cuff. It should be 1-2 cm long or so. That forms the connection "directly" to the anal canal, with no functional rectum left.


There are other procedures with less rectum left behind, but they are generally only done when necessary, because they have a higher complication rate.

Nora, it sounds like you are having a 3 stage procedure. In that case, the first stage is removal of the colon And an end ileostomy. The rectum is left to make the j-pouch procedure easier. In the second stage the j-pouch is created and attached to a small remnant of the rectum, which is called the cuff. A diverting ileostomy is done at that time. The third stage is the take down of the ileostomy.



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