I am 12 years post op and admittedly life has been great for me. I had all the typical adjustment issues, but much better than what I was going through before (30 BMs a day).

I am writing this post because the more I read about Pouchitis the more I am confused. I tried to find a simple explanation of what it is, but all the posts I read talked more about treatments than symptoms.

So I apologize if this is a stupid question, but what is Pouchitis?

My symptoms last 2 weeks...
- Increased pressure (gurgling in gut and pressure at the tail end)
- Slight increase in frequency (5x vs 3x BMs per day)
- Bright read blood in water and on tissue
- Gassy, but that isn't unusual.
- REALLY bad smell, that isn't unusual but worse than normal

Sound like Pouchitis?
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Rick, pouchitis is simply an inflammation of the pouch caused by bacteria. The most typical symptoms are increased frequency, urgency, and watery BMs. Other symptoms can include gas, fever, pain, flu-like feeling, bad smell, and blood. Your frequency is still so low at only 5 times a day (I think most people who have pouchitis are more like 10-20+), but you do experience many of the symptoms and it is a big increase for you from 3 to 5. Bright red blood could be indicative of a fissure or hemorrhoid as well. There are really only two ways to find out. Have your doctor scope you or have him put you on a course of antibiotics. If the meds work, then it was likely pouchitis. If you haven't had a scope in a few years, might be a good idea anyway. Best of luck :-)
Thanks for the feedback!! Your feedback settled my nerves a bit...

I haven't seen a gastro doc in 11+ years and haven't been scoped since my last colonoscopy in late 2000, but I do have an appt with a doc at Northwestern Memorial in late Feb.

I guess this guy is popular Smiler, but not sure my wife will let me wait that long with current symptoms.
I do have the increased frequency, urgency and sometimes diarhea, i take immodium, i did notice more gas and usual with the bad smell but no blood, it sure sounds like i have pouchitis, i will call my surgeon...
I was able to keep pouchitis under control for a couple of years with just VSL #3. OTOH, I'm on Cipro now, and for the foreseeable future.
I am taking different probiotics 50 billion 10 strains 1-2 daily + 1 Floragen 3 15 billion I am on Metrondazole 1000mg a day am going to try and eat more healthy I am SURE that and STRESS are the main culprits + dealing with constant Candidia (from antibiotics I am sure) acid reflux surgery in 2000 BUT still on Dexilant, I am a mess had a flare up not sure if it's pouchitis or hemorrhoids?? no blood in stool other then on (little) tolet paper at times 8 10 BM a day + wakes me up at night SO doing only thing that stops it fast 20 mg of Prednisone for a few days then taper offFrowner
The w-pouch may make a difference, since it is a larger pouch (4 limbs). It is more likely to become overstretched and difficult to empty. I have heard of people having to have their w-pouch reconstructed so that it is smaller and easier to empty by gravity and/or mild pressure.

Jan Smiler
I had my last surgery total colectomy/j-pouch creation/temp ileo 6/14/2014 I haven,t had any real sleep yet, for I wake up about every two hours or so at night to several b`ms. I`m thinking I have pouchitis or something isn't right. my surgeon keeps telling me it will pass but I`m starting to worry , I have 10 to 20 b`ms a day, some diarrhea, also some blood on toilet paper. don`t have unusual smell but I do have some gas. well, I may have to get second opinion.

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