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I have had about 12 surgeries.. partial colectomy, total, j Pouch, fistula and sphincter repair, temp ileo, BCIR with J pouch removal, BCIR removal (due to fistula and multiple infections), fustula repair....
I had my latest surgery last year to try remove the last few feet of intestine, and fistulae and create a new iloe.... failed due to a frozen abdomen. My surgeon could not tell intestine from scar tissue and adhensions; managed to remove one fistula, tried to remove the other, but could not. He says that I WILL NOT have any more surgeries due to a frozen abdomen. Now, nearly a year later, after trying TPN and "plugging" the fistula, all failed. I still have 2 ostomy bags, intestinal bacteria overgrowth and low iron, I want to try again. My file has been sent to the Cleveland CLinic where Dr Dietz has suggested a Koch Pouch...? Dont think that is really an option. He is willing to create a new ileostomy. He doesn't think that the "frozen abdomen", due to numerous surgeries and scar tissue, is a problem. I am delighted with his optimism, but concerned he is not being realistic. I do not want to end up worse than I am now. I heard he was conservative and worried that he has not reviewed my file fully.
I am wondering if anyone else has had complications in the past and if he was successful in treating them? I had my BCIR done in FL with Dr Rhenke and he said he will try also.
Thank you for any information you can give me.
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I have not had your complications but I feel like I know Dr Dietz. He performed a subtotal colectomy with ileorectal anastomosis on me in July 2005 for colon cancer at age 29. He operated on me on a day he had set originally for academic issues. He is an excellent surgeon; realistic, yet optimistic. Excellent bedside manner. Recommended which surgery he would perform with phrases like "if it was someone in my family, i would want .."

He saved my life and I fully trust his surgical advice and expertise. He has a quiet confidence about him and I believe him to be very approachable. I believe if you fully explain all circumstances to him as well as your hesitation/skepticism; he will address your concerns and honestly answer your questions. I hold him in high respect and would recommend him to my friends or family. He doesn't seem like someone who would falsely tell you something can be done if he didn't truly think it could be done.

I guess I'm just suggesting that you can trust him, in my opinion and experience with him. Ultimately, I hope God sends you the right solution.


Jeff Carenza

Stage III colon cancer July 2005 followed by 6 mo of FOLFOX
subtotal colectomy with IRA in 2005 by David Dietz
NED since surgery ( by the Grace of God)

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