I started seeing a new GI that I have never seen before. I'm having what he called a "pouchogram", tomorrow, which I think is just a flex sigmoid. The GI's office called last week to advise that I should drink 4L of colyte today. I questioned this? Seriously, I doubt I have to do the same prep as someone with a colon. But they said yes, so I'm doing as instructed it but seems wrong to me. I'm wondering if this will just make be dehydrated with explosive diahrea?

Any thoughts?
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Just in case you may not know the difference between a pouchogram and a pouchoscopy, the first one I believe they inject contrast material into the pouch and is it done to determine if there is anything functionally wrong with your jpouch. They want to watch how your pouch empties. I am having one of these in the next month.

If you are having a pouchoscopy to view the jpouch with a scope you usually fast the night before and sometimes take a couple of enemas the morning before. Some GI's have you drink some type of solution but my surgeon never recommends it and in cases where you may have pouchitis, he certainly thinks it can do more harm than good. My GI did want me to drink the liquid and I told him my surgeon said no and he agreed so all I did was one enema the morning of. I think the GI's want the pouch as clean as possible when viewing it and that is why they recommend a drink. When I have a pouchoscopy with my surgeon, I never have any prep other than no food or drink after midnite.
If you really want to fight this you can (in the future)and I would not worry if you cannot complete all the prep. I only managed one of the two enemas the GI requested the morning of my scope and I did just fine and as I said I have had several pouchoscopies with no prep at all other than no food or drink after midnite. If you are having pouchitis symptoms though, it would be wise to clean out as best as possible for your doc to get a good view.

I don't think I ever had that prep with the J Pouch but I did when I had my colon. My pouchoscopy prep was what kjeane described, fasting and enemas. No oral laxatives. Did you confirm with them that you have a J Pouch? Because one year I was given the wrong prep instructions by someone who thought I was a coloned patient.

Assuming this instruction is correct, I hope you can get most of it down, just try to drink it rapidly and don't think about the taste of it. Because when you start to think about and imagine the taste of the next gulp it becomes even more vile in taste. Just pretend that it is water and that you are thirsty and think positive thoughts. Good luck and let us know how much you got down.

By the ways it will give you an explosive diarrhea and I think your concerns about dehydration are valid.

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