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I suffered a perforated rectum Oct 2021, I thought I was in a flare & hemorrhoids  but I didn't realise till later that was actually a fistula.

My rectum had perforated which didn't seal so have a colostomy where the bowel is pulled out and you poop in a bag

I feel 100% better fistula pain gone can run eat, going for a mri scan in January

If the rectum has healed can I have a reversal (bowel joined back) or if the perforations still there can it been stiched up as nothing is passing through the bottom apart from mucus occasionally

If no  Dr on the NHS is willing to patch me back up would a private Dr do it for me I happy to pay at all costs.


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I guess a general IBD for forum would be better place to ask this question, as it seems like you do not need a j-pouch. Nevertheless, Dr Greenstein at Mt Sinai NY and Dr Remzi at NYU Langone are great colorectal surgeons, and could probably help you with your surgeries. If you end up needing to have a j-pouch eventually, they are among the best for it, if you can afford to come to the US.

I couldn't tell from your post what your underlying condition is, but since you reference a flare, I'm guessing colitis and given the fistula, Crohn's.  Given that, you'd want a very experienced surgeon. Also couldn't tell exactly where you're coming from  

If Cleveland is an easier trip (and staying at the clinic hours before/after or for family can be easier than NYC) the head IBD colorectal surgeon there is another potential consultation: Tracy Hull, MD.

Or in NYC, in addition to those mentioned,  the colorectal surgeons and Inflammatory Bowel Disease docs at Columbia/ NY Presbyterian Hospital are world class.

There is also a great group at University of Chicago https://www.uchicagomedicine.o...colon-rectal-surgery.  

Hopefully you'll find a system that will work with you as self-pay or who can consult with your local surgeons if that's an option.  

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