I recently had an emergency colectomy  due to 29 years of UC. I was not a fan of the surgeon or the hospital where the surgery was done so I am looking for recommendations in southern CA. I have 2 more steps to complete the j pouch. Unfortunately Dr Fleshmer is out of network and I can’t afford $12000😔. I’m certain there must be very good colorectal surgeons that are in network for me. I appreciate your recommendations.

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I'm sorry you are having such a rough time.  Hopefully, you will find a solution soon!

I have had experience with the following two colorectal surgeons.  They are both excellent, in my opinion.

Daniel Ng, MD     and/or      Babak Rad, MD

Newport Irvine Surgical Specialist Group (NISS)

510 Superior Ave., Suite 200-G

Newport Beach, CA 92663       1-949-791-6767

It might take you awhile to get an appointment.  They are both very busy.  Explain how problematic your situation is.

Also,  my wonderful gastroenterologist is Donald Abrahm, MD......He is right across the street from the surgeons.  His phone number is 1-949-631-2670

Best wishes!



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