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Having recently received a surprise colectomy + ileostomy following emergency surgery for a volvulus and megacolon (UC related), I'm looking for a recommendation for a colorectal surgeon in the Boston area who is experienced in J pouch surgery.

Any advice here would be super appreciated. It would be wonderful to pursue whatever options exist beyond an ostomy bag. I'm realistic on how things might turn out based on the many threads in  this forum.

I know Dr Poylin was my PCP and GI's go-to for this but I believe he no longer practices in Boston, having moved to Northwestern.

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Hello! Last year, I had surgery with Dr Francone at Newton-Wellesley to revise my 20 year old j-pouch, due to some stricturing issues. I met with a few others in the area before deciding. My original surgeon is now retired (Dr Becker). I know Dr Francone does j-pouches regularly. I had a great experience with him, and at the hospital in general. Feel free to send me a PM if you'd like to chat more. 

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