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Hi there, I have been reading everything in this web site and I find it awsome.

I had my J Pouch created on 10/22/2013, the operation was OK but for some internat bleeding that wouldn't go so I had to take a bunch of antibiotics.

Today I went to have a scan in order to see if things are in place and Schedule for take down.

The results were not that good, it looks like I have a "collection near de sacrum" y don't understand very well what a "collection" is, but the docs say its like a fatty abscess. It's the size of a tennis ball.

Nobody knows where it came from, so tomorrow under xrays they will take a sample. What puzzels doctors is that I should be running a hi fever and feeling really bad, quite the opposite, I'm fine, eat good and don't feel sick at all.

I have 2 theories:

1. After a round of golf 2 saturdays ago, my loop went for ride and it hanged out about 4 inches, I was shocked !! went home and relaxed, the stoma finally retracted but when changing the appliance I noticed that some type of clear fluid came out of the borders of the stoma, if you pressed hard it would actually skirt out.
My guess is that the same fluid is collecting near the sacrum. But then I don't have fever so there is no infection.
2. My pouch or some part of my small intestine that is disfunctional is leaking, hence the fluid collected has no bacterias.

If any body had this, please drop me a note.
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Presacral collection and abscess are pretty much the same thing. With the abscess, there is more of an indication that there is infection present.

This has nothing to do with your stoma antics. More likely, it is due to your internal bleeding. After it clots, it liqufies and settles where gravity takes it. The presacral space is a common site. This is the virtual space between your low back (sacrum) and your rectum (or j-pouch in your case).

Blood collections that become seromas or abscesses can become infected if they do not absorb in a reasonable amount of time. That is why they like to drain them.

I had a presacral abscess that held about a pint of fluid. I only had low grade fevers of 100 or less for about a month, then BANG! I had a fever of 105. I had to have a drain in for a month. But I did have other symptoms before the fever, like a lot of pain.

Jan Smiler
I had a presacral abscess/collection after my step one. I didn't seem to have a fever, though I had night sweats. Maybe the constant paracetamol I was on kept the fever down!? Don't know.

I felt shocking though. Extremely lethargic, couldn't sit up for lack of energy. I thought it was just a normal part of recovery (it was my first colectomy, lol). It was eventually diagnosed and a drain put in a few weeks after step one.

There was some talk it was caused by a blood clot or a leak at the anastamosis. Thankfully, my scan before takedown showed no leak, and I was reconnected on schedule. And *touch wood* I have had no further issue.

Hopefully it is a good sign that you have been feeling well, and it can be dealt with simply.

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