Cold weather impacts my body in so many ways since my reversal. and nothing seems to be improving. I'm healthy for the most part.  I don't have the flu or any common cold bug. I'm sure others with autoimmune flares are impacted by hot or cold climates?  I know I do much better in the warmth and in the sun light. 


so group, what are your thoughts on this?  



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Sorry to hear you’re having a tough time. I usually cold in general- no worse with the winter weather. I use these rice heat packs- you can make your own or buy it already made. I pop that in the microwave and heat my bed before I get in it, or use it when I’m laying on the couch to warm up. Maybe that might help? 

I agree with Buba, 

I go to bed every single night of the winter with my cherry-pit heating bag. It is as long as my spine, about 7 inches wide (quilted so that the cherry pits don't all fall to one side), I heat it up, lay it down the length of my spine and then lay on top of it...Oh, my G-d...the heat penetrates my spine within seconds, my whole body relaxes and heats up down to my is so wonderful!

Some days, like lately when it is -10°C outside I heat it up and put it over my tummy on the sofa...then pull a quilt over me...wonderful!!!!

That is all that I do but it is cheap, easy, drug-free and very effective.


cold conditions and certain diseases can trigger flares in the body. maybe this is a sign of early stage of crohns? I do have a mild case of stress I'm dealing with , so the physiological demands on the body may have an affect perhaps?  

all very good ideas. I have three women I cuddle with ( my cats) to give me good warmth - but I will for sure try the heating pad & rice packs. you'll have to give me lesson of how to make them? I've narrowed it down to three things. one: buy a hot tub, two: sign up for some recreational swimming at a Y? three: move somewhere warm with sandy beaches and margaritas? 

I'd honestly op for choice #3 if I could but if that is not an immediate option then you could make your own rice pack out of 2 clean cotton sweat socks...The longer the better...a couple of kilos (about 2-4lbs) of uncooked rice , if you want the lazy way, just fill each sweat sock 2/3 of the way up with raw rice and tie a knot in them as low down as possible from the top...then sew them together top to top...there you have it...

The complicated way would be to sew each one shut first and then sew them together...not that much more difficult...I have never tried it but you might be able to use raw chickpeas, just avoid getting them wet!




that's perfect! I got more rice than a North Korean restaurant at hand. I eat boiled rice everyday.  I did mange to get a heat blanket and its been working just fine. instead of a expensive hot tub I just fill my tub with hot water and bath in it .

thanks for the input Sharon .. very thoughtful of you. 



I never been on a cruise before. With a world so crazy as it is I think I'll stay In where I'm at? But, maybe a trip to the south pacific would be nice?




I never been to doctor in five years. I know I  need to schedule an appointment to get a physical or a scope? 





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