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was wondering if anyone had any expertise/experience etc... regarding this topic..??

In past years (even before surgeries) I got flu shots and I didnt have any problems in winter months with cold/flu.

This year before I got a flu shot (early September) I got hit with a pretty good case of cold/flu. I took vitamin c, zinc..otc meds etc...and after a week or so I felt like it was out of me. However, in the past week (after only a couple weeks of feeling good) I got hit with it again. And now I am back on vitamin c,zinc..otc meds etc.....

Alot of people in area are coughing and sniffling so I feel like it is very likely just nothing more than cold flu...but wondering just how much our immune systems are compromised regarding contracting cold/flu...??

I'm intending to give myself a couple more days to try and shake it and if not go to doctor but just wondering if anyone here as any insight on this??... thanks............
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i thought we are supposed to get flu shots, because it helps us not get the flu.

or at least REDUCES the severity of the flu, IF we get it ??

Because, "full-blown" Flu with a j-pouch would not be good, and could make us very sick right? Flu is horrible for coloned people. now with us, means even more dehydration, etc.

my doc advocates for the flu shot and says that especially if you are older, pregnant, immune-compromised, you should get it. even though we are not necessarily all immuno-compromised, we are colon-compromised Wink

i have only had my jpouch for 4 months, so i am not sure if i should get the flu shot or not this year.

i got it with my ostomy, though. i did end up with the flu still, but i think it would have been much worse without the shot??????
I don't think that I get more colds/flus that coloned people (probably less because I am carefuland take tons of suppliments) but I don't take any chances and have my annual flu shot...I on my back for weeks...yes, we get more dehydrated then people with colons and that may mean that it takes us longer to get over it. That said, if you do not believe in the flu shot or have doubts or to you surgeon or G.I doc to see what they think.
Mine gave me no choice in the matter...and he paid for it out of pocket to make sure I took mine!
Oops, no I meant the viral flu. But I noticed with the ostomy when I had a cold/flu, my output would increase and be more watery. Hence dehydration. So even with just the cold/flu, my intestines seemed disrupted. Is that how it is with a j-pouch? More watery or increased frequency while sick with virus?
thanks for comments all.....

I'm operating presently on assumption that as epic suggested I just got two separate strains over short period of time or I never got the first one totally out of my system and then got it all over again.

I'm still planning on getting a flu shot this year but I guess I will need to wait a bit longer until I'm sure I'm totally over this current cold/flu......

So it doesn't sound like there is anything extraordinary going on for us as J-Pouchers..??.... I was surprised when I was on the immune system reducing drugs for so many years that I didn't get sick frequently??...

As mgmt noted I usually operate on the "not broke don't fix" approach with things and since I have been doing well generally for many months now I'm not really eager to end up in a doctor's office because of cold/flu.... but just wanted to check with all of you if there were other issues we should be aware of.... thanks !! -Mike

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