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 I'm 41 years old six-week postop takedown I never really drank coffee ever I was wondering if there's any benefit of drinking coffee decaffeinated in the morning afternoon daytime whatever or could it be a direct run to the bathroom your thoughts and  experiences please 

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It's too individual of a thing to say. In some people coffee will send them running to the bathroom and others it has no effect on. Never heard of it slowing things down though. That would be interesting.   I know I couldn't drink it back in the UC days. Instant run to the bathroom back then but now it's fine. 

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A thread on my favorite beverage? Wow.

I still have my native colon, and yes - all I have to do is smell it in the AM and it sends me right to the bathroom.

However, coffee is jam-packed full of antioxidants and flavonoids that function to help prevent/lower your cancer risk (of most GI-based malignancies). Head to and put the words "coffee cancer" in the search field. The results are very impressive.

Two cups a day for me, at least.

As with anything, your tolerance to coffee is highly individual. Unfortunately for me, coffee gives me very watery stools within 15-20 minutes of drinking it, decaf or otherwise.  I still drink it occasionally, but since having the ileostomy, I've cut it out of my morning routine as I don't need to be making multiple trips to the bathroom while at work. That said, you won't know how it effects you until you try it, so give it a go and see what happens!

On the other hand, I've become quite the tea granny in the meantime, so I don't even miss coffee anymore.

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