Have you ever thought of hiring a wellness coach to support you between doctors visits? Or to help reduce the amount of doctors visits you have?

I'm Tanya. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis when I was 28. I nearly died of it and my colon was taken out in when I was 30. At that time I frequented this forum as Magic30. But I found ways to heal well and went on to run a marathon and a half a marathon, begin a masters program in wellness education and start my own business to help people like you and I overcome their diagnosis and live well.

What if life be like for you if you spent less time in a physicians office and more time at home enjoying those rare moments with your children? 

Have you tried natural remedies without success? What if the verbiage around success just needed to be simplified, but you could actually experience reduction in pain without medication?

Do your bowel movements keep you from getting a good night sleep? How would your family and your work benefit if you were fully charged? How would a great night sleep make other aspects of your daily life more manageable?

Have you ever received jealous comments (or glances) because you are thin? Maybe you wanted to snark back and suggest that thin over rated--maybe you did! What would it be like if those comments were inspiration to continue what you were doing and not frustrating because they were false--what if you were thin AND healthy?!?

Do you experience bloating with meals? Skin rashes that appear and disappear? Acne (go away already!!)? Arthritis? Can you envision your life WITHOUT these symptoms? Imagine: eating  a meal without pre-considering your outfit, saving money on skin creams, makeup and topical medicines which don't work anyway, walking your dog or playing with your children painlessly.

All these items are doable. I was a patient with concerns like these and no one to help me. I'd like to begin a new trend--I'd like to offer you my help. I am becoming certified as a wellness coach. MY own illness inspired a career change. I have completed training and now I need a client. Through the end of the year you can receive coaching for free AND I'm giving gift to you to thank you for your help. 

DM me for more information.

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Hi Tanya,

I can use your help, my Ileostomy reversal surgery was 2 months ago, on August 04, 2017. I still suffer from 25+ BM's everyday, 5 to 6 BM's during the night. Currently I am taking Immodium, Lomotil, Metumucil and use Calmoseptine. My daily diet is very limited, rice, eggs, white bread, sometimes chicken and fish.



What you get in coaching:

Clean out your kitchen guide

Shopping guide for kitchen--your body needs to be nourished and to do that you need to have kitchen equipment that will help you!

Recipes that you can enjoy--NOW (even though currently you have excessive BM's and pain)

Exercise guide: what to eat and drink to make it possible to sweat a little if that is your goal (it was DEFINITELY my goal after surgery!)

Video instructions for recipes that might require video. Either I will link you mine or if I have not made it yet (I am in start-up mode) a quality guide that I used and still reference

Book list: Read to heal

Weekly meditations based on scripture

AND BONUS: my gift to you: A membership to the number one supplement company in America--Shaklee, since 1956 OR a membership to the best essential oil company I am aware of--Doterra.

Ready to heal? Text or call Tanya with PureTransformation 262-515-0162. visit my website where you have all my contact information and can sign up for my essential oil informational emails

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